Something Stupid

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For two weeks, Andrew seemed cold and distant from Blue. Even though it wasn't in his intentions to, he couldn't help it. Blue had no idea why. Why wouldn't he kiss them on the lips anymore? Why did he rarely want to sleep in the same bed? Why wouldn't he touch them? They were leaving so soon, yet he gave them nothing to hold onto while away for so long.

"I'm leaving this weekend," they said as they leaned in the doorway to Andrew's office. He stopped typing and looked up at them over the top ridge of his glasses. "We haven't done anything to celebrate."

He sighed, lowering his head back towards the computer. "I've been busy with my novel-"

"Can't you take a break?" they pleaded. "I want to spend some actual time with you this weekend, because I love you, and I'm going to miss you. Can't we go do something?"

Taking off his glasses, Andrew rubbed the bridge of his nose and nodded. "No, yeah. Totally. What do you want to do?"

Taking a deep breath, they handed Andrew a printed ticket for a set of luxury hotels outside of Chicago. "I want to go here with you. The weather is finally turning nice, and I would like it if we could spend some alone time together."

"Did you already buy these?" Andrew asked as he inspected the ticket front and back.

They nodded one quick nod. "Yes."

"Alright." He stood up and popped his back. "Pack a bag. We're leaving tonight."



Blue beamed. They threw their arms around his neck and kissed his cheek before running to their room. They were desperate to spend as much time as they could with him before leaving him for six months. They were not prepared to be away for so long. They were ready to spend time together.

This was the final weekend the two would be able to spend together for six months. No matter what, they intended to spend the whole time loving Andrew, saving up on the memory of his touch for when the nights would grow long. As long as they could remember his touch, they would be able to make it on phone calls, text messages, and video calls the whole time. No matter what, they would make it work. They refused to say goodbye to him.

Andrew lingered in the doorway to Blue's bedroom. He watched them pack, oblivious to his presence. He noticed the slightest bit of distress on their face, assuming it had to do with the stress of going out on tour. If he would be able to help relieve any of their stress, he would do so. He wanted to enjoy one final weekend with them before they left.

When Blue noticed him, they smiled wide and zipped their bag. "Ready?"

Holding out his hand for them, he said, "Let's go."


From the moment they arrived, it seemed as though everything was the same as it was at the house. Andrew sat at the table in the kitchen, typing away at his computer, and Blue sat on the couch watching TV. The two were separated, Blue could feel it. If it was something they had done, they wanted to be aware of it. They couldn't tell if they had done something wrong or if Andrew was beginning to grow tired of them.

"Why don't you come take a break. Sit with me," Blue called out to him.

"I have to finish this chapter before I can."

"Can't you finish it after the weekend?"

"I wish, but you know work."

"That's never stopped you before."

"Blue, I need to work on this," Andrew said without leaving any room for discussion.

Turning off the TV, they sat in front of him. He didn't look up at them like he normally would. He didn't stop typing, save his document, and face them to talk. He always did. All he did was glance at them before continuing to type.

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