I'm Sorry

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After making sandwiches for everyone for lunch, Sara and Andrew sat down at the dinner table and talked. "I'm sorry I didn't help-"

"Based on what Blue said, I'm glad you didn't," she chuckled.

Blue sat at the table with them. Dread consumed them, downing their soul. Though Andrew held their hand, holding onto them as an anchor, they couldn't register he was there. Luke left. Stormed out. He was pissed. It was their fault for hiding it. They should have told him from the start. They ruined everything. It was all their fault.

Both Andrew and Sara could tell Blue wasn't paying attention to either of them. They stared at one another and frowned. "He'll come back," she stated, reaching out to grab their hand. "He loves you both. You two are some of the most important people in his life. Blue might as well be second in line to this little guy," she chuckled as she patted her stomach. "He will support you two."

"I know he'll come around," Andrew smiled. "He'd be crazy not to accept us. All he's wanted was for Blue to find love, and now that they have-"

"You don't have to be so obvious," Blue mumbled. "I get it. He's going to come around. But how do you know for sure?"

"What makes you think he won't?" Sara asked.

"Because there's always a chance that what you expected the most won't come true," Blue stated. They stared at the ring they slipped back onto their finger once Luke left. With Sara wanting to see, they wore it proudly. They loved Andrew, they wanted a life with him. They would do anything to be with him. They only hoped losing their brother wouldn't be a part of it.

"But there's always the chance that it will," Sara smiled. She squeezed their hand tighter. "You need to believe in yourself. Have some faith. He loves you. He will never stop caring about you. You're family. He can't lose the only one he has left."

"He has a new family now," Blue stated carelessly. "You're his wife. He's about to be a father."

"And he needs you to be this little one's unty," she said. "I may be new family, but you are old family."

"Blue, are you worried you're being replaced?" Andrew questioned.

"Why I would be replaced? He only has one emmer," they scoffed. "No, I'm afraid he'll forget I ever existed. I wasn't around for the first eight years of his life. What's wrong with me being gone for the rest of it?"

"Blue," Andrew exclaimed in sheer panic.

"Hon, he wants you in his life. Do you understand why he wanted you to move back in with us when he came back to Chicago? He wanted to be closer to you and keep you around and allow you to experience a real family life. He wanted you to have a normal life, because he loves you and cares about you. The moment he found out about transferring back here, he was so excited because he could be close to you again. And he was okay with you living here with Andrew because he knew you were still close. He thinks of you, not only as his emmer, but his child. You mean more to him than you could ever know. Falling in love with his best friend and keeping it a secret for two years was something he was bound to be upset over, but he will forgive you and still continue to love you no matter what. Do you understand?" she stated.

Blue smiled, staring at their lap as they nodded. "Yes."

The doorbell rang, and Andrew jumped up to answer. Luke stood in the doorway, and he waltzed in the moment the door opened. He grabbed Andrew by the jacket sleeve and dragged him into the bedroom without regarding anyone else. He shut the door and faced his friend.

"I don't like the fact you both lied to me," he stated.

"I know."

"I don't understand why you lied to me. You like my emmer. Why didn't you say anything?"

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