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Descendants Imagines! by Sarcastically_Nerdy
Descendants Imagines!by Morgan
A book of one-shots, preferences, plus some for the Descendants movies! These are gender neutral so everyone is welcome! Request are welcome (and needed). They can be fo...
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BNHA x Child!Reader by planetcat
BNHA x Child!Readerby PlanetCat
I feel there just aren't enough stories out there for the cuteness of x Child!readers... So My first ever fanfics will put a stop to that! Never been a fan of English le...
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Aizawa x Quirkless! Student! Reader by user34547292
Aizawa x Quirkless! Student! Readerby Totally innocent
You're a student fresh into the prestigious school of U.A. High half way through the first year due to all the recent villain activity, just for you own safety. You mana...
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Fandom One-Shots by procrastinationbean
Fandom One-Shotsby Moved to AO3
I decided I should this instead of procrastinating. I do the following fandoms: Homestuck SuperWhoLock Marvel DC Comics Anime And more! (No smuts, sorry my brain incap...
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Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader (one-shots) by noyesmaybewhy
Sibling!Hetalia x Sibling!Reader ( GamelyWitemage
Basically just a bunch of one-shots where the characters are your siblings or something. I write whatever. [Requests are open] Hope you enjoy, bye!
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Various X Reader One-Shots by Shiyiku_Sprite12
Various X Reader One-Shotsby ShiyikuSprite
I seem to like doing xReaders... So since I already made 3 books of them... How about I just make one-shots for any character you or I want? Though, I first thought of m...
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the traitor (a seven deadly sins x reader story) by FourStarCarrot
the traitor (a seven deadly sins 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙝𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙮
"Even if you were to die... I would fulfill the promise I made with you." o o o COMPLETED UNTIL THE RELEASE OF SEASON 3 o o o You were a powerful Holy Knight...
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We Got Married! (EXO Chanyeol x Reader) by cupcakiez
We Got Married! (EXO Chanyeol x DanCe
You are a Kpop idol in a group called GEM. It was just a normal day at the dorm. That is until someone rang your dorm room doorbell. One of your members went to check i...
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✨TWICE x READER✨ by DuByul
✨TWICE x READER✨by Dahyunieee24
Mostly this book is Gender neutral. Please be reminded that I don't own the pictures that I've been using, except for the story cover. That's all, thank you for reading...
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Insomnia || Lee Know (Stray Kids) x Reader || Soulmate AU || Gender Neutral by ElswordBae
Insomnia || Lee Know (Stray Kids) e l l i o t
Everyone had different soulmate marks. Growing up, you thought you didn't have a soulmate due to not having a mark. Turns out this was because you had a different kind o...
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apex legends oneshots by ceclios
apex legends oneshotsby `cup
"i'm surprised your dick isn't a prosthetic either." "shut the fuck up and suck me off!" § oneshots about our favorite heroes. i do not own apex leg...
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Transformers X Reader by bluez2776
Transformers X Readerby Bluez2776
A collection of Transformers X Reader stories and preferences Currently writing for (MTMTE, RID2015, Prime, IDW and Rescue Bots!) Taking requests!!! (No OC's sorry!)
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:ITZY x Reader: -oneshots- by lesserpandeu
:ITZY x Reader: -oneshots-by coffee_and_smiles
Oneshots for all the boys and girls who need more ITZY in their little lives~ Mostly fluff and maybe some angst. I don't write smut. All oneshots are gender-neutral, an...
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Dangan Ronpa x Reader by honeekday
Dangan Ronpa x Readerby i make me wanna puke
Gender neutral one-shots, drabbles, imagines. Details on first page.
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Stardew Valley One Shots by heysugarwantacoke
Stardew Valley One Shotsby heysugarwantacoke
Listen honey, there aren't enough of these out there. And I know I'm not the only one craving these.
Love and War • TFA! Optimus X Megatron's Heir! Reader by WingedVigilante
Love and War • TFA! Optimus X WingedVigilante
You. The heir to the Decepticon throne. You, one of the most dangerous Decepticons alive. You wish one wasn't true. The other never was. You're the unfortunat...
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Levi x Reader [ oneshots ] by haruaki_
Levi x Reader [ oneshots ]by 佳
Click on R E A D for pages filled cliché scenarios, odd imagines, and ( typical ) one-shots of Humanity's Strongest and you ( the reader ) She, he & they. (Ngl mostly sh...
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Guns For Hands <> Optimus Prime X Vehicon! Reader <> Discontinued  by WingedVigilante
Guns For Hands <> Optimus Prime WingedVigilante
Wake up. Get out of berth. Stay on schedule. There's not much to do as a drone, besides act like the near-mindless soldier everyone thinks you all are, and fo...
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Lookism Scenarios (On Hiatus) by ShadowTakerZero
Lookism Scenarios (On Hiatus)by Zero
A boyfriend and girlfriend scenario book for Lookism characters. I thought this might be fun to do as well as quicker than oneshots. Anyway I hope you can find some en...
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Richie Tozier X Reader by Richie-Tozier
Richie Tozier X Readerby Trashmouth
One shots and short stories of you and Richie Tozier from IT 2017! I use gender neutral pronouns because you never know who could be reading this I only publish Y/N x R...
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