Eventually Someone Will

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"Feeling better?" Marcy giggled as Andrew sat down on the couch in front of her.

Though he intended to keep a professional atmosphere about the prior situation, it proved to be a bit of a challenge. He had known Marcy for years now, and she knew all about his prior troubles from his one-sided love with Luke. She was the one who suggested that writing out the Living in the Shadows erotica series in the first place, where the two college-aged boys had to keep their love a secret due to their homophobic families.

It was quite the shame that Luke was written off the series (as he headed to grad school in another state), as he was very gentle and sweet with Andy. But when it came to Blu, there was something about him that shed a new light on Andy. Though he still seemed to be the same person, he was almost more jovial than before, waking up to the same dreadful situation, but now waking up to it almost as though there was no longer anything to fret over. He was a more open, honest, and vulnerable man, and it was from meeting Blu. The audience already love him, and Marcy was sure that if Blue read it, they would agree.

And since they began to fall for Blue, she noticed the subtle changes in Andrew's behavior. He no longer woke up dreadful, at least not in the sense of being overly tired. Instead, there was something in the day to look forward to, a reason to actually wake up in the morning. Marcy knew it was because of Blue, because there was finally someone who would be able to reciprocate his feelings and absorb the love he has to share. And based on what she witnessed twenty minutes before, she knew there was no way something would not eventually brew between the two.

"Much," he gruffed, clearing his throat.

Choosing to drop the subject, the two began to take notes over his latest project. Blue Moon, where a man takes an emotional journey when his father chooses to leave the family, leaving him alone to take care of his mother and family without a single penny to his name.

"Are you sure you'll be able to make the man realistically?" she questioned. "You've always been a rich man. Surely you can't relate."

"While I can't, Luke has been able to. I've observed the way he lived and had taken care of Blue, and I do believe I have a further understanding of what goes on inside his head," Andrew explained. "Though not all men will react the way he did, using him as a template will help evolve a deeper connection to him and his family."

"If you want to talk about being broke, just interview me. You saw where I lived all summer," Blue quipped as they entered the living room. Sliding their backpack back up onto their shoulder, they approached the door. Andrew stood up, trailing behind them as they pulled their shoes on. "Will you be home for dinner?"

"Depends on how late these auditions go," they replied.

Jumping up to their feet, their nails gripped onto the straps as they spun around to face Andrew. A pout was prominent on their lips, as they faced difficulty in finding courage to ask for what they wanted. Andrew had a sense of what they desired, so he leaned down to peck their lips and ruffle their hair. "See you tonight," he murmured.

With nothing but a nod to respond, they exited the apartment. He walked back over to the couch, slumping into his seat. Marcy could not peel her eyes away from the man, irking him. "May I help you?"

"You two are quite in sync already. You just seem to know what they," she responded.

"They can be a bit difficult to read. They don't like asking for anything, so they'll typically just do things on their own. But I feel as though I can read them well enough to the point where I know whether they want something or not."

"It's important to share that bond," she commented. "I take it you two are finally together?"

He sighed. "Not officially. We're taking things slow and figuring out where to go next. They're not ready to dive in, but we have agreed not to be with anyone but each other, so at least I know they do have feelings for me like that in some way."

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