No Promises, But No Intentions

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Galactic Cannibalism was a name every Chicagoan knew. Their music played on the radio, more specifically 'Temporary' from the movie 'Blue Moon'. They played at larger clubs. They had a large following. Blue sometimes walked around Chicago to find a few fans wearing one of their band's t-shirts, and they had been stopped a few times by fans asking for a picture. Thankfully, no one knew where the club house was. The band was able to practice in peace and work on new music.

"I was stopped while getting coffee to get my picture taken. As much as I love this band and being famous here and all, it's kind of a bit of nuisance I can't walk into a coffee shop without someone at least knowing my face," Rain said as they threw their car keys on the counter.

"You could always pull a Hannah Montana and wear a wig everywhere," Dustin kidded.

"No way. I like making my fans' day by popping up out of the blue."

"Is it really that big of a surprise if you go there at the same time every day?"

Rain shrugged. "Spread the word. Gets my favorite small businesses some customers. My face is becoming extremely popular. I love it. And its all thanks to Blue," they exclaimed before beginning to clap dramatically.

They threw a hand over their face and looked away from her. "Fame has changed you."

"Oh, shut up," Rain chuckled. "How's Andrew dealing with all the fame?"

"He seems to be doing good. He's been a bit more vocal about his inner thoughts and concerns, but I don't always know if he's being completely honest. He does seem to be doing good so far, so I'm grateful for that. He hasn't been able to show up to as many shows as before, and I think it bothers him a bit. But I don't blame him. He's busy with his work, and I'm busy with my own. I don't expect him to show up, but when he does, he knows I'm grateful. It's not like he's going to be able to show up every show we're going to ever have."

"Let me guess," Trevor said, "he's not coming tonight?"

"No," Blue grumbled. "I wish he could, though. We're playing at a club Jennifer Hudson visits whenever she's in town, and she is tonight. For all we know, we might be playing in front of the Dreamgirl herself."

"Even if Andrew is not there, he is at least supporting you on the sidelines, right?" Rain encouraged, and Blue nodded. "Then don't worry so much about it. Just have fun tonight."

A van honked outside, and Dustin peeked out the window. "Aiden's here. Let's load up."


"That was probably your best performance yet," Alister said as everyone walked off stage. When Blue exited, he wrapped his arm around them and smiled. "You'll never guess what one of the bouncers said?"


"There was a famous A. Parker who came to see the show tonight," he smirked.

Blue gasped. "Andrew's here? Where is he?"

"At the bar. You might as well go check on him- ooh and see if Jennifer Hudson did show up!"

Blue ignored him, not caring if they met the famous superstar. As amazing of a treat as that would have been, they were overjoyed that Andrew was able to make it after all. And when they arrived at the bar, they began to scan everyone in hopes of finding him.

"Hey, you're the piano player," someone exclaimed from behind them. Sporting an androgynous attire, the person began to squeal. "I look up to you so much. You helped prove that I'm valid as agender. Thank you!"

"Of course," Blue smiled. "Us non-binaries need to stick together."

"Can I get a picture?"

"Of course."

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