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TMNT LGBTQIA+ Mikey  by purplekitty7
TMNT LGBTQIA+ Mikey by purple kitty
Michelangelo comes out too his family as... Everything! I'm going to do basically the same type of story but Mikey comes out of a different type of Sexuality, explaining...
We Stand United: An Lgbt Guide by EdgyMeow
We Stand United: An Lgbt Guideby Syrus
This is a "Lgbtq+ guide" to all who needs it. This book will include: · Flags · Sexuallitys · Genders · Flags · Memes And a lot more! So be prepared, grab you...
This is another steven universe fanfiction! I'm going to insert le reader as a crystal gem! I'll be using completely non-binary pronouns and descriptions!! So any gender...
The Love Between US [BxBxB] by RyleyKalem
The Love Between US [BxBxB]by RyleyKalem
Who ever said being married to two was easy? Especially with five little ones watching your every move. Re-Enter the life of the famous Matthias, Thomas, & Luca Jackson...
See If I Care by 0Aratay0
See If I Careby Aratay
Everyone thinks they know the prophecy. The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month...
lgbtq+ shit 2 by junkieboyfriend
lgbtq+ shit 2by felix
hey y'all this part 2 of my other one lmao just lgbtq+ memes lol
Life-Story of Auryon Finau by snobodieshome
Life-Story of Auryon Finauby Sno/Oreo
Following the life of Auryon Finau, secrets of the Boiling Isles are being uncovered. 🫧Pronunciations: Auryon (Or-Eye-Un) Finau (Fin-ow) Saffron (Saff-Ron) [Saff lik...
Non-Binary Names by CardamonRadio
Non-Binary Namesby 💚
Hello! Welcome to Non-Binary Names. I hope you enjoy yourself and that you find a name you like <3 You can: request chapters, read older ones, give name ideas, and mo...
Trans Mcyt Oneshots (requests open) [SLOW] by PastaMaybe
Trans Mcyt Oneshots (requests °Eule°
Yeehaw Come here you soupy fruit bowls Get y'all's food
Trans* tips {For MTF, FTM, Nonbinary etc) by sockfootedauthor
Trans* tips {For MTF, FTM, Judas
This is a tip book for all the genders because i rarely see them! If you have any requests, Then comment or pm me!
Zora by jackson_terrance
Zoraby Jackson Terrance
Growing up is difficult. The body goes through changes. Hormones mess with you. Everyone gets bullied at one point by someone. For Zora, it was worse. Not only was she b...
[✓] Transgender and Nonbinary names by rainy-dazed
[✓] Transgender and Nonbinary namesby i'm back! everything is updat...
Transgender non-binary genderfluid gender nonconforming demiboy demigirl gender
The Divine Androgyne by dorianwrites
The Divine Androgyneby dorianwrites
This is a book for people of the Between - anyone who doesn't identify with the mainstream gender norms of traditional witchcraft. The Divine Androgyne draws on ideas an...
The LGBTQ+ Guide (includes romantic orientations+) by AlexiumSky
The LGBTQ+ Guide (includes Cherry Bomb
This is a book that will help you understand the different meanings to the aromantic and sexual orientation spectrums
I'll Be Good by moonyhale
I'll Be Goodby moonyhale
Ellis chooses at the choosing ceremony dauntless. Their parents are shocked, because they lived like an erudite their whole life and his father maybe thaught them what t...
126 GENDER NEUTRAL NAMES  by -xsilentscream
A-Z gender neutral names and meanings~
LGBTQIA+ Problems by Osokuri
LGBTQIA+ Problemsby aaaaaaaa
I've been reading a lot of these and wanted to make my own. Feel free to send in your own, as I need help and input! - NF ~I try to update once or twice a day!~ Highest...
Lgbtq+ Wallpapers  by TeeN_DragoN69
Lgbtq+ Wallpapers by Parker
Read the title idiot.
Lost Souls (Chara x Frisk) by LizardsRock
Lost Souls (Chara x Frisk)by LizardsRock
Falling into a world, where monsters only care about killing all humans, Frisk has to try and escape. But with barely any friends, and with each death comes a new flower...
The Genderfluid Club by _awkwardfangirl_
The Genderfluid Clubby Cecil Fischer
Seven genderfluid teenagers trying to find their place in the world. The Club that brought them together. Complicated romances, struggles of high school, mental health...