The Ballad of a Rockstar

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"I know you're pissed, but that does not excuse you for punching Hayden," Blue stated. They sat in the passenger seat of Luke's car in the guest parking lot of the building. Andrew was already up in the penthouse, but before they would talk to him, they knew they needed to clear the air with Luke.

"He broke your heart," he gritted.

"He proposed to me, you know?"

He jerked his head at them. "Tonight?"

"While he did ask me again tonight, he actually did before he left me. It was why it hurt so much when it came to him. The man I loved...gone. I thought we were going to get married once I graduated, but he left me for good. I'm glad he did. I'm famous in Chicago now because of him," they smirked, leaving out how it was all because they were now dating Andrew.

"I don't want you to look back on your life with regret. I want for you to go out on tour and become famous. Sleep around with as many men and women and nonbinaries as you can. Get drunk. Do drugs-"

"Luke!" Blue exclaimed in laughter.

"Okay, not the drug part. But I do want for you to go out and settle down after you do the rock and roll lifestyle. Of course, I want for you to be happy and be with someone who makes you happy one day. But...I don't know. A part of me wonders if you'll regret it if you're with someone," he revealed.

"Do you ever feel that way with Sara?"

"No," he smiled. "The difference between you and I is that Sara and I are the tame type. You are the wild type who is meant to go break...stuff. You need to do that, it's in your blood. My blood is to stay at home and cuddle my fiancé. That part will one day be something you admire. And who knows, maybe you'll meet that person on the road. The road is a vast place. You will meet many different people while you are out there, and I want for you to meet as many people as you can. If you're with someone now, there might be a chance you will miss out on meeting your soulmate while you're apart."

Blue knew that would never happen. They loved Andrew, and he was the man they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. There was no need to go out and see the world and meet other people in different places, because they found their true love. Nothing would stop them from wanting to be with Andrew. Nothing.

"Even if I didn't do all that on the road-"

"Then does that mean you even made it?"

"Yes, because I am not a musician from a seventies rock and roll movie," they chuckled. "Even if I don't do all that, I am still living my dream. I don't need to live it the way you think I should. I may be crazy at times, but you know that's not who I am entirely. Yes, I want to enjoy life on the road and drink and everything, but I'm not going to have sex with a bunch of roadies or fans. That's not my ideal good time."

"Really?" he scoffed. "Blue, you talked about it once. You were screaming at me, 'I'm going to screw as many people as I can on the road so you can't tell me to go screw myself anymore!'"

Blue leaned back in their seat and groaned, covering their face with their hands. "I was thirteen and we just got out of a big argument. People change, you know."

"I know. But...I want you to enjoy life on the road, try new things, experience new things. I don't want you to look back with any regrets. I want you to continue to look forward and be excited about things. Is it so wrong to want that for you?"

Blue shook their head. Luke was merely looking out for them in a strange way. He wanted them to experience life to the fullest and not look back with any regrets. He wanted them to live out the rock and roll fantasy they experienced a long time before. They were prepared for it, ready to live out the dream.

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