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Chasing Zero by JacksonTerrance
Chasing Zeroby Jackson Terrance
Life is full of positive and negative numbers. Everyone in a negative is striving for a positive number, and those in the positives fight hard to stay up there. Sometime...
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Freed one shots by Tillyalf427
Freed one shotsby Tillyalf427
Freed one-shots! Either x reader or Fraxus (sometimes!) 25/05/19 UPDATE (Communication Is Key): New chapter with gender-neutral pronouns (Let me know if this is somethi...
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UFell!Sans || Late Night by theskyhadachild
UFell!Sans || Late Nightby //Andy\\
"You love me as if I deserve you."
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Anime blush, short story by kelliecat
Anime blush, short storyby sexypornstar
Your first anime blush is always the most intense.
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akira kurusu 🎼 lullaby for a cat by tatsuyasuouirl
akira kurusu 🎼 lullaby for a catby 🎴vincent🎴
gender neutral pronouns
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A Journal by Ma3bah
A Journalby BlueRose
After years, the planet got invaded by the Laothes, an alien species. It's up to Nicholas and Scott to try and save the world after finding a journal talking about the l...
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Indigo by demon_kale
Indigoby Kaleb
"I knew there was something strange about Indigo the first time I saw xem. Maybe it was xyr unblemished, perfectly symmetrical face, the way xyr eyes were such a vi...
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Sweat + Buckles = Friends? by IchBinDieStimme
Sweat + Buckles = Friends?by IchBinDieStimme
Who would have thought the mere matter of how to get a sweaty German out of some stage clothes would result in not just a job but a friendship too?