The Only One With A Key

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"Don't worry, honey," Aiden assured as he shimmied over to Blue on his couch, "we'll have a girl's night."

"There are literally no girls here. It's just you, me, and Alister," they laughed. "And he's already passed out on the floor. Is that even healthy?"

"I turned the floor heaters on," he assured. "But how are you holding up? It must have been a horrific argument if you came here crying. Did he kick you out, because you are more than welcome to stay with me for as long as you need to."

"No, he didn't kick me out. He confessed his love for me," they snickered.

"Called it," Alister grumbled from the floor.

The two looked over the back of the couch at him. "Thought you were asleep, man."

"Partially. But I'm waking up now," he stated as he sat up off the floor. Leaning back on his forearms, he smirked at Blue. "Told ya there were some feelings there. What happened?"

"We talked, really," they shrugged. Standing up, they walked over to the kitchen section of the studio and opened the fridge. "He was going off on how he fell for me after I cried over my brother's engagement for him, and he claimed he was no longer in love with my brother, but he's not in love with me either, he just loves me and all that shit."

"Did you tell him about Hayden?" Alister asked, to which Aiden threw a pillow at him for. "Uncalled for, man."

"I did," they nonchalantly admitted, but it was a big deal. They were the only two people (excluding Andrew now) who knew about how the relationship ended. Luke never knew. He thought that he left for college and broke up with them so they wouldn't be tied down while they were apart. It wasn't entirely a lie, because Blue had no idea if any of it was the truth. But they didn't care to find out. He was out of their life, and they intended to keep it that way.

"And how did it go?" Aiden slowly asked.

They snickered. "He doesn't agree that it takes longer than eight months to fall out of love with someone you were in love with for a long time."

"Honey, not all people are you," Alister stated. Aiden threw another pillow at him, but he caught it before slapping Aiden in the face with it and stepping up to Blue. "Yeah, it took you a while to get over Hayden. Hell, a part of you still is in love with him. But did you ever think that some people can fall out of love easier than other people can?"

"Then what will happen when he falls out of love with me?" they questioned. "If it supposedly takes me longer to get over someone, then why should I be with someone who won't take a lot of time to get over me while I'm still hung up on someone else?"

"Now you're just being illogical," he deadpanned. "Blue, there is a man who likes you. Is he old, yeah-"

"He's twenty-six."

"Yeah...old," he scoffed. "But he likes you. Out of all the people he could have chosen to begin falling in love with, he chose you. Did he use to be in love with your brother, yeah. Are you your brother?"

"No," they mumbled.

"No. You're not. Luke is Luke, and you are you. He fell for you. He was in love with your brother, but after getting to know you, he realized he wanted to love you more than a man he was in love with for ten years. If he held onto a one-sided love for that long, I'm pretty sure he'll hold onto the person who reciprocates his feelings forever," he encouraged.

"However," Aiden piped up, "if you don't want to date him, you don't have to."

"No, he's right, do what you want," Alister quickly agreed.

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