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"I never thought I would see the day," Aiden said as he sat in the back of the van with Blue. While the rest of the band enjoyed the party, Aiden spotted Blue being escorted out of the hotel and chose to follow after them. The moment he saw they were high, he dragged them to the van and threw them in the back to help ward off the high. "I mean...smoking at home, yeah, but in a hotel?"

"I was trying to get Jared in trouble."

"How? Were you with him?"

"Yeah," they nodded. "We were...and...and we...dammit, what did we do?"

"Got high," he deadpanned.

"Oh yeah," they laughed, falling onto their side. "We got so high. I was spewing wisdom like a damn saint. I'm a miracle worker."

"I would never think of you as so high and mighty, and you shouldn't either," Aiden stated. "It makes you pretentious."

"Pretentious. I love that word." They gasped. "We should write a song called Pretentious and it's all about me."

"It would certainly work," Aiden grumbled. "Now destress your breasts and try to come down from your high. Who knows how Andrew will react when he sees you like this."

"I don't want to see Andrew," Blue whined.

"Why not?"

"Because he will be so disappointed in me. I left his party to go smoke weed with his brother because I wanted him to be the one to be kicked out, not the other way around. I was going to play the victiniminium. Victoom."

"Victim?" Aiden chortled.

"Yeah," Blue sighed. "Andrew needed me, and I wasn't there for him. I'm a shitty partner."

"You tried your best. That's what matters, right?"

"Oh, I wish I- put that bitch where he belongs. I want him out of Andrew's life, but I need him in it so they both see...see...see shit." Blue pouted.

"Go take a nap. I'll be right here with you," Aiden said.

The back doors to the van burst open, and Blue popped up like a whack a mole with half lidded eyes. "Shit, where am I?" they mumbled.

"That's what I wanted to know," Andrew stated.

While they could feel the high beginning to wear off of them, they knew they were not yet sober enough to have a conversation with Andrew about their whereabouts.

"We need to talk," he stated.

Glancing behind him, Blue spotted Jared lingering by the door, talking with the employee who kicked them out, and he stared right at them.

"Yeah," they agreed. "We should."

Andrew helped Blue out of the back of the van and dragged them to his own car. "Thanks, Aiden. We'll see you some other time."

"Go easy on them, now," Aiden smirked.

Andrew opened the car door for Blue. He stared at them. He didn't say anything. There was no expression on his face. He merely stared, and that was all the more nerve inducing. Blue was not sure they would be able to handle the clear-cut conversation the two were about to have on the way home.

Andrew didn't say anything as he began to drive. He merely turned up the heat, played a song on low volume, and drove. Despite the disappointment radiating off Andrew, the car was relaxing as a whole. Blue was unable to help themself as they began to lean against the window and doze off.

The moment they woke up, down from their high, they scanned a foreign room. Tossing the unknown covered off themself, they mumbled, "How far did we travel?" as they crawled out of the bed.

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