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"Oh, shit," Blue murmured. Their knees buckled under their weight, forcing them to lean against the wall of the apartment as they cried in glee.

A ninety-five. They passed. After months of ruthless studying, they brought their grades back up. Graduating as an academic scholar was a closer than they thought they would be able to reach. In a matter of months, they would walk across a stage in a cap and gown with a medallion draped around their neck as they accept their diploma. It was actually going to happen.

Jumping up to their feet, they began to run to the front door, excited to tell Andrew the news. They just knew he would be proud of them, ruffle their hair with a smile and praise them for their good work. Their heart fluttered just imagining it.

With one foot already out the door, they quickly stepped back into their house and slammed the door shut. Bolting it behind them, they leaned back against the wall and winced. The first person they should have been wanting to tell was Luke, then Aiden, and then Andrew. And telling him was not supposed to be an event to look forward to and grow excited over.

That kiss must have messed them up more than they realized.

Ever since Luke's engagement was revealed, they hadn't spoken to Andrew, but they wanted to. How was it that a kiss could suddenly send them spiraling out of control? All they craved was the ability to run into his arms and stay there as he praised them, but it was not something they were supposed to be wanting to experience. A kiss was not supposed to be the driving point to a crush of some sort, which they refused to call it. It was nothing but pure confusion instead.

Andrew loved Luke. That had not stopped. They could see it in his eyes, the look of adoration he presented only Luke with. It was a look that was meant to only be shared with the person he cherished the most in the world, and though they had not seen him since Luke's birthday, they were sure he still looked at him in that cooing way.

And Blue was still searching for someone to love themself. Whoever it was, they had no idea. But they were determined to move on from their ex (a goal they had been achieving in the past months) and fall for someone who would truly fall for them back. Someone who would not run away the moment they made a vow to them.

But the kiss was magical. It was a kiss they would never forget about. Thinking back on it caused their lips to tingle as the ghost of Andrew's own lips danced across their own.

He forced his lips on them, halting their crying at once. And when he pulled away, his eyes held nothing but melancholy. He tilted his lips with a tsk. "Seems you've stopped crying."

"" they whispered in a panic.

Wrapping them up in his arms, he buried his face in their neck. "I'll have you know that I never cry, not even when I'm at my weakest moment," he admitted, something they could relate to. "I never expected a mangy teenager would find a way to make me cry...but just for this moment, can I?"

He asked them for permission to cry, permission to show him their feelings. Saying no would have been cruel, and as painful as it was to admit, they wanted him to cry. They wanted him to let down his walls so he could experience relief for just a short moment. And feeling his tears fall onto their shoulder, they couldn't help but cry with them over a pain that had nothing to do with themself to begin with.

When the two made it back to the apartment, wine in both their hands, they celebrated that night. And thanks to Blue, Andrew was actually thrilled for the wedding. There was no remorse to hold against Sara. His best friend was going to get married, and he wished them both the best of luck on the tricky road that laid ahead of them.

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