Three Weeks, Six Months

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Blue opened their eyes and laid on their back. "Resting Bitchface? Aren't they a band from Florida?"


"Then how do they know about us?"

"Their bassist went to one of your concerts a couple weeks ago while they were vacationing in Chicago. They loved the band, found out they were going on tour, and then asked for us to be their opening band. And we are their first pick, too. We need to give them an answer as soon-"

"You mean you didn't confirm it with them?" they exclaimed. "Rory, of course we're doing it. Why wouldn't we do it? Call them right now," they demanded and hung up on him.

Was it something they could believe in whether they wanted to or not? Just the prior night, they were sitting in their brother's car telling him they wouldn't be going on tour for a long time. Yet they just got the call, and they felt bad for yelling. He needed to make sure it worked with everyone's personal schedules, but there was no way they were going to give up on the chance to go on tour, spread their name across the country, and become famous. Their dream school was closer than ever.

Unable to fall back asleep, they began to scroll through their newsfeed. Pictures of Blue, Luke, Andrew, and Hayden were in the Chicago newspapers. It didn't seem as though anyone recognized Andrew, so he wasn't all over the news. With the fear of this preventing them from going on tour, Blue called Rory back to have the situation handled.

Creeping out of bed, Blue walked downstairs in order to explain the situation to Andrew. They didn't assume he would be up already, yet he was sitting at the kitchen island, drinking a cup of coffee. "Couldn't sleep?" they asked.

It was impossible for him to. Knowing Blue was upstairs in their own bed because he refused to sleep with them made it impossible to rest comfortably. He would easily give up his pride in order to hold them as they both slept. They were his teddy bear. He enjoyed their presence as he slept.

He shook his head. "I'm sorry, Blue."

"I know. I am too," they said. Placing their phone in his face, he scanned the news article and the pictures with it. " Luke screwed up."

"I should probably call him. Let him know what happened," they sighed. "I hope he doesn't lose his job over this."

"You're the one who was talked about. It just mentions how someone punched the man you were with and then you left with that man and another. This story will be over with in a couple of days, possibly hours-"

"But my brother can clearly be seen. I just want for him to know that it's out there and that he needs to be careful at work so if it does come up, it won't be a big surprise," they explained as they texted the article to him.

Patting their phone in their hand, Blue bit their lips as they sat beside Andrew. "How did it go with Luke anyways? Did you talk to him about us?"

He sighed, shaking his head. "I was waiting for you. I didn't want to tell him until you were there. I thought it would be better if he heard it for both of us."

"Well, I don't know if we should even tell yet."

"What?" Andrew scoffed. "We decided to do this together. We decided it would be best-"

"Rory called me this morning," they interrupted. Looking up at Andrew nervously, they smiled and said, "Galactic Cannibalism is going on tour."

His eyebrows scrunched up, his eyes squinted, and his nose twitched. "You're what?"

Blue nodded feverishly. "Yeah. We're going on tour."

"You're going on tour?"

"Andrew, we're going on tour."

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