Jell-O Cups

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Luke ran into the waiting room, spotting Blue sitting near the corner underneath a TV, staring at the ground. Blank. Nothing in their eyes. What were they supposed to feel? Finding their partner passed out in his apartment, calling 911 and contacting his team and their brother. It was too much. Maybe feeling nothing would suppress them from boiling over.

"Hey," he cooed, pulling them into a hug.

They didn't hold him back.

"Hi," they whispered.

"What happened?"

"He was passed out. Just laying there on the floor. I didn't know what to do or say. What am I supposed to do in a situation like that?"

"You did the right thing by calling an ambulance. They're taking care of him now, right?"

"Yeah, he's awake. They're running a few tests."

"How do you know?"

"Marcy told me."


"His main editor." Glancing down the hall, they nodded at her. "There she is."

"Hey, Blue. Oh, hi, you must be Luke?" she questioned, and he nodded. "It's wonderful to meet you, though I wish the circumstances were different. He used to talk about you all the time and how you gave him another chance for a family life. He appreciates you so much, and it's helped him with his more recent relationships."

Blue never thought about how Luke had impacted Andrew's life in other ways other than just being in love with him. He gave Andrew the chance to have an average familial experience. He gave Andrew a best friend he could rely on for years, so it was no wonder he fell in love with him. He pushed his feelings for gratitude onto the man, and by falling for the man, maybe it provided some comfort so he wouldn't feel alone ever again, not like his childhood.

The feelings he once had for Luke were nothing but feelings gratitude and appreciation morphed into love. He was able to stay in love with him the whole time, suffering through a one-sided love because he knew deep down that it was never anything more and never would be. And Luke loved him back. They were best friends, and it was enough to suffice him.

Losing Blue was worse because he finally fell in love. Blue felt the same way, as they were falling in love with him as well. He didn't want to lose the real deal, because he was finally understanding what it meant to be in love, and they felt the same way. They wanted to be in love with Andrew. They were in love with him. And he was in love with them.

It didn't explain why he wouldn't let them move back in. Staring at the back on Luke's head as they two wandered down the hall to Andrew's room, they were almost afraid to tell him. Would he be upset? Would he keep them apart? They knew he would be happy for the two eventually, but they didn't want to tell him yet. It wasn't the right time to. They wanted to experience a handful of firsts with Andrew before either of them told anyone. But if he was keeping things a secret from them still, there may not be a chance to be had with the two.

"Hey," Andrew smiled when they entered the room, and it grew brighter the moment he spotted Blue. Flickering his eyes to Luke, he said, "I'm surprised you came."

"Blue called me. Figured they would need me here with them," he explained as he wrapped an arm around their shoulder. "Glad they did. We should talk."

"Sure, we can talk at my place-"

"Not until tomorrow," Marcy stated. "The doctor is keeping you here overnight, remember?" Glancing down at Andrew's hopeful eyes, she sighed and nodded. "Blue, let's go get him another Jell-O cup."

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