Should Know By Now

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There was nothing to feel sorry over. They knew they hadn't done anything wrong. Their honesty should not have been something to fret over since they knew they were in the right and Andrew was in the wrong. It was the fact that they caused him pain when they did not mean to that bothered them. He chose to stay up all night because he knew their text lingo so well that he wasn't sure if they were actually safe or not. It was touching, but there was nothing for him to worry over.

Even when they lived with Luke, he never worried about them being out late. He knew they had to suffer long, late nights to keep up with their music expectations. And getting their name out there was the goal for the band, so he accepted it, provided their grades didn't slip. Since they always made sure to keep up with their schoolwork (minus the one roadblock after Hayden's departure), there was no reason for him to worry. He only asked they wouldn't make a large ruckus when they returned home in the early hours of the morning.

Andrew wasn't used to it yet. He didn't understand that they were prone to falling asleep in random places, causing Aiden to be the one who would usually text any responses regarding their whereabouts. Music was nonnegotiable for Blue, so if Andrew wouldn't be able to handle it, they would move out. They wanted to make it big enough to get their name out there so when it was time to settle down, they would be able to run a successful music school with Aiden. It was their dream, and if it became a problem for Andrew, they would leave and never look back.

Though they would be seated at a piano the whole night, Blue still knew it was important to dress to impress. After all, before and after the show, as well as during the intermission, they would be walking around the bar and talking with the people who purposefully came out to see and support them.

So they pulled out their tight, black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, and their long black trench coat. After tying the laces to their tan boots, they slipped on their fingerless leather gloves and began to apply some silver eyeshadow, a thin layer of black eyeliner, and a coat of dark violet lipstick. Their short brunette hair was gelled back and over with one little piece hanging in front of their forehead. Winking at their reflection, they grabbed their backpack and exited the bedroom.

Andrew remained seated on the couch, finally hanging up the phone when he spotted them walking down the stairs. "Finally finish another call with Luke?" they snarled, brushing past them to head to the kitchen.

"No," he answered. "My editor. And what did you mean-"

"No," they demanded. "Not before a show, okay? I cannot be thinking about the argument we are clearly about to have before I go up there, alright? I can't afford it."

"Fine," he bit. His gaze fell to the counter, his hands clenching onto the back of a barstool. "But can we at least talk when you come back?" he asked, his voice soft and pleading.

There was a lot they wanted to say as well, a lot more they needed to get off their chest. Figuring there was no harm in it, they shrugged. "Depends on if I stay at Aiden's or not."

"Is that what usually happens after a concert?"

"Depends on how late the show goes, the time it takes to pack, whether or not a lot of people come out to see us. It varies night by night," they explained. "If I were to come back, it probably wouldn't be until...two, three at the latest."

"And where is this?"

"Green Hill."

"The bar?" he gasped, and they nodded. "You play at bars? Aren't you too young to? Isn't that illegal?"

"Didn't you start drinking when you were fourteen?" they deadpanned.

"That's different. I drank with my nanny because it seemed to be the only thing he was any good at," Andrew defended, and after he heard it out loud, he had to agree with Blue that it didn't seem like a reasonable argument. "But you still need to be careful."

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