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Gold records aligned the walls of the office with trophies lined up below. Galactic Cannibalism, though still making new music, had a new pianist and guitarist. With a school to run on their own, both Blue and Aiden had to retire from the music scene after ten long years of making music together.

"Rain's here," Aiden said as he entered the office, Rain running in from behind.

"Oh, how I've missed you, buddy!" Rain sang as she hugged her best friend. "Oh, the band has not been the same since you two left."

"But you're still doing great," Blue encouraged. "Sold out stadiums. Chart topping singles. You're living the life."

"And so are you, I guess," she sighed. "At least you're finally running your school, introducing a new generation to our awesomeness."

"You mean mine," Blue smirked.

After ten years of making music, Jared had finally built their school. It was a massive success, teaching the arts at a low, low price to many students who wanted to learn more about their fields. Photography, writing, dance, music, singing, acting, everything. People were growing more and more interested in the arts, and it seemed Chicago was better off for it.

A hand rapped on the door and a head poked inside. Blue smiled as they stood up. "Rain, have you met my daughter, Allison?"

"Oh, no. Hi!" Rain exclaimed as she rushed up to the thirteen-year-old girl. Long, flowing brown hair. Large doe brown eyes. Rosy cheeks with olive skin. Short and curvy. And the fashion style of a basket case Rockstar. "Oh, she reminds me of myself when I first met you."

"Is that why you adopted me?" Allison smirked.

As difficult as it was to first bring her home two years ago, Allison had slowly grown more open to her new parents. After long nights of explaining how they'd never return her, both Blue and Andrew would talk with her and came to a conclusion that worked for everyone. Not once did the spouses ever give up on her, as they knew she deserved love just as much as everyone else.

"Where's your dad?" Blue questioned.

"He's teaching a class on writing in the first person versus third person limited point of view. He said he'd meet up with us at dinner."

"Not a problem. Do you want to sit in my office and work on some homework until we're done-?"

"Actually, I was hoping to sit in on a photography class," Allison blushed. "We did some photography for digital media at school, and I want to learn some more."

Blue beamed and nodded quickly. "Have fun and stay safe."

Allison ran up to her mom, kissed their cheek, and ran down the hall. "No running!" they called out after her. "It's hopeless. She should be on cross country or something with all the running she does."

"Oh, she just wants to grow up to be like her parents," Rain teased. "Now, come on, we have a little lesson in rock and roll to teach."

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