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"Hello?" Hayden questioned.

Alright, you son of a bitch, why are you texting me? was what Blue wanted to say. Instead they were left frozen, unable to speak as they heard the soothing voice they hadn't heard in four years. The voice that asked them to marry him the day before he left without a trace. He broke their heart, and they didn't know what propelled them to call him in the first place. Maybe a part of them still loved him, but they knew it wasn't feasible. They were in love with Andrew, and they would rather die than fall in love with anyone other than him.

Maybe closure. Once they knew why he left them, they could move on from that part of the past, allowing a patch of their soul to catch up with the rest of them. That answer felt right. They knew they needed to hear his reasoning, because they had to know, even if it killed them.

"Hi," they managed to choke out.

"Blue," Hayden hummed. "I can't believe I finally found you. I never thought I would find your number after you changed it. I thought you were never going to want to see me again- well, now I'm just putting ideas into your head," he chuckled. It still sounded as heavenly as it did before.

"Thoughts that have been in there before," they stated. "Why are you texting me? You left, it was over. That's it."

"I didn't want it to be. I asked you to marry me, remember?" he said. "It's not like I could suddenly forget everything we've been through and everything we were going to go through. I love you."

"I loved you," Blue stated.

"I can make you love me again," Hayden said. "I promise. I'm sorry...for everything."

"I am, too, but I'm also glad you left. I moved on. I'm done. Goodbye, Hayden," they stated, hanging up in the middle of his pleas.

They exhaled through a smile, pride swelling up inside of them. They did it. They were able to say goodbye to him, tell him it was over and leave the story alone. It was the end until he texted them one last time to say: Meet me at Hannigan's tomorrow. I need to talk to you, and you need to talk to me. Hanging up can't be it.

Blue: It's done and over.

Hayden: Just meet me this one time to explain, and I'll stay until you ask me to leave again. I promise, if you want it to end, it will, but I need to talk to you.

It was closure. It was the only reason they agreed to go and planned to meet up in the middle of the afternoon. Find the reason for leaving, and then ask him to leave them alone. Thank him for showing them love and to fight for it, to keep it around, because it is a beautiful thing that should not be wasted. Closure, and then leave.

It seemed as though it would be a simple enough task, but when they woke up and walked into the kitchen to find Andrew attempting to cook breakfast, they groaned. They had to tell their brother tonight they were dating his best friend.

"I know you think my cooking is bad, but-"

"You burn toast," they emphasized.

"But I wanted to make you something small, so I just put some waffles in the toaster for you. I don't need you to be stressed today," he smiled.

"Right," they gritted as they sat at the counter. "Look, you know I will try to make it-"

"Try?" Andrew deadpanned. "Blue, you know you need to be there with me when we tell him."

"I do, I know, I should...but I got a phone call last night. I have a meeting I need to go to at three, but I will do my best to hurry it along so I can make it. I want to be there. I want to tell Luke about us, I do. It's time to make our relationship known to him and Sara. It's time they knew the truth about us and what's been going on in this house."

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