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She is my Slave (Zayn Malik) by zaynika
She is my Slave (Zayn Malik)by Kanika
As my eyes landed on her; I immediately know where she belongs too. She is the one, I'm looking for. No doubt her sexy figure, blue orbs which just shows innocence, full...
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||Dis Continued|| John Laurens x Reader I Dont Want To Lose You  by SnowLovesHamilton
||Dis Continued|| John Laurens x 🌟Snow🌟
instead of doing Alexander x John Laurens I was think of doing John Laurens X Reader Because why not!
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သူမ by Scarlett9810
သူမby Scarlett9810
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Sarcastic comebacks by shorty_cheer
Sarcastic comebacksby Aubree❤️
Are you tired of always being pushed around a middle school or high school or even elementary school and not having a come back Redon to find some funny sarcastic comeba...
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Lucius Malfoy and Lilly Evans child  by kylierose2004
Lucius Malfoy and Lilly Evans kylierose2004
Lilly Evans was married to James potter and just had a son with Harry the next night they made love but James went to sleep straight after Lilly feeling like he doesn't...
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Feelings by wildfireheartdragon
Feelingsby n
That first love feelings! The feelings u experience on your first love or crush Those unsaid feelings My 2 line love stories feel connected, read them
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Two Hearts, Two Souls by HawkMistress
Two Hearts, Two Soulsby Hawk Mistress
Two Souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one... Sequel to A Broken Soul and a Bleeding Heart. Devan Rayne and Natasha Lane haven't seen each other i...
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Little Talks by scripturienta
Little Talksby Evelyn Rose
I will always adore you and our little talks, for my heart is yours.
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She || Carbara Palvingne by CrazyWildUnicorn
She || Carbara Palvingneby Joy
❝Elle avait une voix douce comme du velours. Elle hantait mes rêves de sa présence. Elle contrôlait toutes mes pensées. Elle n'avait pas besoin d'être près de moi...
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3 AM by 21_WOLFIE
Again after weeks I have returned with another! This books is not in story form, this time I have just given poems which readers will relate automatically. Still some p...
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