Friends With Benifits #Watty's2016 by MarguenaDorceus
Friends With Benifits #Watty's2016by Marguena Dorceus
When Casie gets dared to kiss Matt Walice, two worlds collide. Casie is the shy girl while Matt is the school playboy. However, they both cant get enough of each other...
  • teenfiction
  • friendship
  • benefits
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Once Upon A Time by biebergasm_
Once Upon A Timeby Taylor
Once upon a time... Jazmine was pregnant. She had her kid and she moved away. Her kid was enrolled in Day Care so that Jazmine could attend College. What happens when J...
  • encounter
  • kids
  • accidental
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The Boss's Son | ✓ by daylightemi
The Boss's Son | ✓by noemi
I was lying if I'd say I'm not interested. The moment he finished telling me the agreement I wanted to scream out yes, but I didn't want to seem that desperate. I act a...
  • sexy
  • caught
  • plan
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Friends with Benefits ; Jack Gilinsky by BroncosMeckie
Friends with Benefits ; Jack Mendxs
"It was weird how his touch felt so familiar yet new." [Warning: sexual content and sting language] Written by BrocosMeckie©
  • friends
  • jack
  • gilinsky
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~The Affair and Cheating ~ by JenniferMGallon
~The Affair and Cheating ~by 🍷*Jenny Michelle*🍷
Britney Ayanna Brooklyn and Spencer David Green are husband and wife they had 2 children who were 7 years old and 8 years old daughter, Alana and Arizona !!!!!!!! They...
  • betrayal
  • party
  • benefits
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The Deal by mariasavv
The Dealby maria
"Let's make a deal." He said licking his lips. "What kind of a deal?" I asked curiously. "We both want the same thing. We want each other an...
  • girl
  • friends
  • short
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Correctly Misunderstood | ✓ by nonfictionsim
Correctly Misunderstood | ✓by simeon
[Completed + Edition Two] Seventeen-year-old Harper Elliot can't wait to get out of school. The idea of leaving the heartbroken past and discovering the world outside is...
  • drama
  • comedy
  • benefits
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Kidnapped With Benefits by Weirdipity
Kidnapped With Benefitsby 『️Weirdipity』
He kidnapped her with benefits.. what kind of benefit? Pretending? For money? Or ransom.. Hey ya!! Another fanfic for all!! Hope you love ittttt!! Take note: 🚫FIRST SP...
  • kidnapped
  • maine
  • wattys2018
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Changed by MelinaHofschulz
Changedby Melina Hofschulz
Mein Name ist Jessica Williams und mein Leben ist so langweilig, wie das, eines jeden normalen Highschool Schülers. Eines Tages jedoch, stellt ein neuer Schüler meine We...
  • sammywilk
  • beamiller
  • hot
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The Benefits of Heartbreak by temptinglimerence
The Benefits of Heartbreakby tiff <3
Romantic relationships aren't always the answer. Finding love isn't always the perfect ending. Sometimes, all you need to find... is yourself. If you're tired of sugar-c...
  • plottwist
  • heartbreak
  • noncliché
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Enemies With Benefits by awritersplanet
Enemies With Benefitsby awritersplanet
Enemies With Benefits. However, it's not how you think it will go. Not your cliche story, no. Follow the journey of Lily and Jason, as a long string of events bring th...
  • benefits
  • high
  • love
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Enemies With Benefits    //   jg . by daydream_af
Enemies With Benefits // jg .by daydream_af
  • natemaloley
  • sammywilkinson
  • benefits
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Friends with Benefits [m.c.] by cryingforobrien
Friends with Benefits [m.c.]by R a e
After a bad breakup, Alyssa swears off relationships. Until she meets Michael Clifford, that is. {Started - August 2014} {Completed - March 2015} Creds to @ClumsyMeggie...
  • hemmings
  • irwin
  • calumhood
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Enemies With Benefits by teenagexsoul
Enemies With Benefitsby alize
Normally a typical teenage love story would be the girl who transferred for her senior year and fell in love with the bad boy after a wild, outraging encounter. But Eli...
  • highschool
  • benefits
  • steamy
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My Happiness // Harry Styles (MS Sequel) by lonelyheartt
My Happiness // Harry Styles (MS lonelyheartt
What happens when you go on tour with you best friends and ex-boyfriend? While the sexual tension is rising and rumors are flying how can Vara handle a world wide tour w...
  • benefits
  • zayn
  • harry
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My Best Friend's Brother by CHANCE_PEREZ
My Best Friend's Brotherby ♥ A N A ♥
Meet Ella Mendes. She is the sweetest and nicest girl you'll ever meet in high school. She is friendly, genuine, wealthy and honest. Ella Mendes always had a crush on C...
  • friends
  • love
  • hatred
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The BENEFITS Of Being With YOU by PURPLE-Ryu12345
One-Shot book about the Lams fanfic "Benefits" (I recommend you to read it before you read this 'cause if not you won't understand anything)
  • johnlaurens
  • oneshots
  • romance
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Lovin' The Benefits by Kurvpted
Lovin' The Benefitsby Kurvpted
After making a decision she thought was for the better, what happens when it's not as easy as it seems to give up on old habits? Chloe Davis is back to square one-more l...
  • cheating
  • teen
  • enemies
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Enemies With Benefits//Kian Lawley Fanfiction by UNF0RGIVING
Enemies With Benefits//Kian Hannah
We're just enemies with benefits.....right?
  • kianlawley
  • jccaylen
  • lawley
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White Sheets | ✓ by awkwardxfreak
White Sheets | ✓by cassie
In which Allen finds himself getting undeniably attracted to a brunette vixen named Jean after entering the wrong room for a remedial class. [ amazing cover © XantheRowd...
  • promotetag2017
  • college
  • drama
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