The Deal [EDITING] by marwriting
The Deal [EDITING]by maria
THIS STORY IS BEING EDITED FROM START TO FINISH #15 in Fiction 06/10/2018 © 2016 All Rights Reserved -Marie S.
  • romantic
  • girl
  • humor
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Keep Your Enemies Closer  by Devilsmom
Keep Your Enemies Closer by Pearl Mae
*COMPLETED* "You think I'd murder you?" He laughed humorlessly. "I- what?" I stuttered, looking at him with a lost expression. If he didn't want to...
  • completed
  • friends
  • mysterious
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Friends With Benefits by Vicky_9872
Friends With Benefitsby Vicky
Liam and Sophia end up having many makeout sessions at the age of 13. They finally think they are to young for this and end up saying once Liam turns 17 they will have s...
  • cheating
  • friends
  • romance
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Friends With Benefits by XxHaileyxCraigxX
Friends With Benefitsby Hailey
***Mature Content*** Rosalie Delaney is your typical girl next door. Avery Drake is the hot bad boy. The two also happen to be best friends. What happens when Rosalie ge...
  • sexscenes
  • maturelanguage
  • love
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Friends With Benifits #Watty's2016 by MarguenaDorceus
Friends With Benifits #Watty's2016by Marguena Dorceus
When Casie gets dared to kiss Matt Walice, two worlds collide. Casie is the shy girl while Matt is the school playboy. However, they both cant get enough of each other...
  • friendswithbenefits
  • benefits
  • teenfiction
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benefit // jack gilinsky by gilinskbxby
benefit // jack gilinskyby ✨welcome✨
"you be my tutor and for me they'll be some benefits"
  • benefits
  • highschool
  • jackgilinsky
Benefits Smut Chapters by Mareejacks
Benefits Smut Chaptersby Sjack
Benefits smut chapters
  • benefits
  • love
  • romance
Brothers with Benefits by Otpshipperfrver
Brothers with Benefitsby OtpShipper
Karma Akabane, is a only child in his family. Since his parents are always going somewhere, he wanted someone to company him when he is all alone. So he decided to ask h...
  • benefits
  • ship
  • karmaandnagisa
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Bestfriends//NBA Youngboy FanFic// by ExoticaBrat
Bestfriends//NBA Youngboy FanFic//by Explicit
"He want a down ass female but he fuck with these groupies and don't realize he had one for a long time" ~ Carmen "She fuck with these fuck niggas and don...
  • guns
  • groupies
  • benefits
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BWB (Mature Content) by nataliasnow84
BWB (Mature Content)by nataliasnow84
Bodyguard With Benefits is a stand-alone story with steamy scenes and bad language. It's only recommended for readers 18+ -------------------- "What's my name?"...
  • adult-content
  • attraction
  • matureaudience
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🕳 by nuhtaliaa
🕳by •
gimme a kiss
  • funny
  • likes
  • bieber
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A group of friends didn't know what they wanted. They were freshmans in college and were very close.. and I mean really close. Read to find out what they all decide
  • caught
  • basketball
  • relationship
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The Carnal Alpha by JZyleene
The Carnal Alphaby JZyleene
After a friendly date at Mayan Prince, who knew that it would have been really that "Friendly".
  • teen
  • benefits
  • sexxx
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My Love For You by Story0508
My Love For Youby 티파니 BTS Fanfics
In which Yoongi was watching porn and Jimin caught him one day. "Where are you going?" "M-my room" "Not without helpin me first" 'Wha-"...
  • taekook
  • yoonmin
  • namjin
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His Locked Soul by Umacdnathan
His Locked Soulby Uma Nathan
#6 in confident... "Please... you are making a mistake. I am not the person whom you are thinking of. Let me go..." Luc felt a moment of sympathy seeing Adel...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • actor
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Serca na wybiegu // Harry Styles by bovskay
Serca na wybiegu // Harry Stylesby bovskay
Dwie dusze, jedna pasja, jedno uczucie. Czy znany na całym świecie model Harry Styles poczuje coś do młodej, ambitnej dziewczyny, która dopiero co wkracza w świat model...
  • beauty
  • zaynmalik
  • love
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Little Miss Trouble Maker by brklyncayd
Little Miss Trouble Makerby Brooklyn cayd
She's trouble but so is he... She hates him and he hates her, all emotion are mutual and that's the way it's always been. Theres no love just attraction, or so it's bel...
  • hate
  • teen
  • enemieswithbenefits
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Best Friends With Benefits© by Andrea_Love100
Best Friends With Benefits©by Andrea_Love100
Naomi Clark is everything a guy could want. She's funny, nice, smart, the head cheerleader, beautiful and caring. And Liam Wilson is her best friend. Then there's Liam W...
  • family
  • liam
  • secrets
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