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50 shades of loki by kitloki2805
50 shades of lokiby kitloki2805
50 scenarios of loki and y/n doing unholy stuff lots and lots of smut and just straight up sex 😉🌶️🌶️🌶️ your welcome and it does get very graphic and detailed
Dominantly His by SecretIdenity
Dominantly Hisby TheUnknownGirl
I was a simple girl With a simple life Wrong that doesn't even come close to how my life works. Normally I start and end my day with beatings that break me even more...
Dominating Kim Possible by warewase
Dominating Kim Possibleby ᴡᴡᴡ
Follow along for the journey of the Fall of Kim possible as she drowns in esctacy. See pictures and fanart on twitter, reddit and deviantart Reddit -
69 Dares (18+) by FastAndDeep
69 Dares (18+)by King Ethan
#22 Romance on 18/02/2016 He watched her with hawk like eyes and she shivered in both fear and excitement. This was wrong on so many levels but it was tempting. She coul...
My   Obsession by Nazzian
My Obsessionby Anamika Nair
She was ready to leave me , but i wasnt ready to let go ,she was my possession, obsession and my women who i can address as mine , my better half
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gay ddlb fluff one-shots by Femboythighsgivelife
gay ddlb fluff one-shotsby Morgan Moreno
This is my first story and I'm not that good at writing but I hope you still enjoy it.
Black smutt 💋💋 by Ughdiorrr
Black smutt 💋💋by Ughdiorrr
Black smut for my black girlies
Their Dominance (Complete) by I_am_not_sorry666
Their Dominance (Complete)by Bella Daniels
Callie can't seem to take her mind off of Alpha Knox. After seeing him when she was 8 for the first time he never seems to leave her mind. What happens when he shows up...
Blake's Angel by mckenna_writess
Blake's Angelby Mckenna ⭐️
Fifi DeLana is an innocent girl with an overprotective brother and friends. She is beautiful and pure, she's like an angel sent from heaven. Blake King is the opposite...
All mine,forever mine (txs bxb) by writerxoxobae
All mine,forever mine (txs bxb)by writerxoxobae
I HATE THE AGES BUT JUST DM IT PRETEND THEIR HORAATTT ALIENS W NO AGE BUT THE STORYS INTERESTING SO SORRY What happens when a teacher falls inlove with the troublesome c...
thoughts by elaqce
thoughtsby elaqce
dont report, just block lol
Lovely Mutt. by EtroValentines
Lovely Etro
Niko has been bullied mercilessly by Jacob, When he gets pushed over the edge, he shifts for the first time. It is the worst thing ever to happen to Niko. He imprints on...
Dominate (old copy) by adoremexa
Dominate (old copy)by adoremexa
Aaliyah Dawn is a fourth year in hogwarts. Her boring emotionless life turns with a major twist, because of a special someone. Her toxic parents made it hard for her to...
A New Vista by vintagexpast
A New Vistaby vintagexpast
Elizabeth is a Caribbean American attending college in Ohio. After she meets playboy and football player Paul Newman, they hit it off. When opposites attract, things imm...
Sexing Harry Styles •HS• by hugsX0kisses
Sexing Harry Styles •HS•by Nat
"Hey baby girl" - "Who is this?" - "Daddy. Now send me those nudes you promised." - "Okay daddy."
Avidity by _kawai_chan07
Avidityby _AUGUST_D_
A collection of possesive and desi short stories !! avidity means great enthusiasm or passion with romantic feelings .. •𝐙𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐌~𝐊𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐒𝐇 #1 𝐢𝐧 𝐋𝐀𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐄...
Cry Wolf by winterstarfire
Cry Wolfby Melody Winters
Abigail Williams is a seventeen-year-old girl running from her own nightmares. Finding sanctuary in a small town she believes her suffering is behind her. Until a monste...
The run by Abby_is_awesome1234
The runby Abby_is_awesome1234
Rosie a 13 year old girls like unexpectedly changes after her mother was murdered.
Torment ( Book Two ) by xbrokendreamsx
Torment ( Book Two )by Whitney
SEQUEL TO TORMENTED MISTRESS. You must have read that book first to understand this one. [ Lesbian / GirlxGirl ] Amber is back with her family but life still isn't anyth...
Little Char at Opportunity Academy  by I_am_not_sorry666
Little Char at Opportunity Academy by Bella Daniels
Charlotte Finley, 18 and a little. After being interested in ddlg since she was 16 she finally gets to go to her dream school, Opportunity Academy. It isn't just any sch...