Krytonian WebSlinger (Peter Parker X Reader) by D1and2lover03
Krytonian WebSlinger (Peter Holland_Wolfhard
(Y/N) being the daughter of Superman got sent to her uncle Scott lang (antman) so he trained her every day until one day she went to a school in Queen's where she meets...
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back to you ↠ t. holland [2] by keshasrose
back to you ↠ t. holland [2]by tay
"you broke my heart and the worst part is that i would go back to you in an instant" • in which they don't get their happy ending • • book two •
  • jess
  • conte
  • teenwolf
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Spiderson Irondad Oneshots by ExistentialStar
Spiderson Irondad Oneshotsby baguette boi
A collection of oneshots revolving around irondad and spiderson content because I've vaguely got my shit together despite all the depression after infinity war. I take r...
  • iw
  • homecoming
  • tony
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Forever | sequel to ALWAYS by Stylinonem104
Forever | sequel to ALWAYSby WomaN
Cecilia Braddock and Harry Styles have it all: a stable relationship, a beautiful place to live, and hope for the future...unfortunately they're the only ones who know t...
  • again
  • history
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Who's the liar by roudlen
Who's the liarby Roudlen
I can't remember.. So181?? That boy with big Green eyes.. That smile.. His smells.. So perfect.. "Hello I'm Harry " he said while the smile on his face.. Londo...
  • onedirectionasthemselves
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After Infinity War by Lily304304
After Infinity Warby Lily304304
All the survivors of Infinity War are figuring out what has happened and are coming up with their new plan to fight Thanos and bring back those they lost. Completed, wit...
  • captainamerica
  • spiderman
  • ironman
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Enchanted {Loki} • [1] by emma-collins965
Enchanted {Loki} • [1]by Emma Collins
• A Wattys Longlist story • AMORA. Orphan. Sorceress. Warrior. Healer. An orphaned girl raised to become a master sorceress now finds herself struggling to discover her...
  • marvel
  • thorthedarkworld
  • romance
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Spiderson Irondad One-Shots (Infinity war depression and spoilers) by Fangirlet
Spiderson Irondad One-Shots ( Fangirlet
Spiderson and Irondad one shots cause infinity war left me depressed and I'm still not over it also spoiler warning but that's pretty obvious. (I do take requests if you...
  • superfamily
  • irondad
  • tonystark
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T'Challa x Reader|Malkia wangu| translation |My Queen| by LucidReadings
T'Challa x Reader|Malkia wangu| LucidReadings
As heard from a prophecy, you are the chosen girl who can shapeshift from human to panther. T'Challa becomes bonded to you at a young age, but what happens when you're t...
  • fanfiction
  • infinity
  • adventure
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Who Will Avenge Us?  ∞ The Avengers by SHIELD-Avenger
Who Will Avenge Us? ∞ The Avengersby ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
❝Last one to defeat the giant purple grape is a cloud of dust!❞ Who will avenge us? Who will fight when there is destruction all around? Who will save the world from...
  • chrisevans
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Manan- The Dead Me✔ by Aaku_14
Manan- The Dead Me✔by Aaku
Her life was filled with darkness but then he came and shone for her like stars. He proved that,"Love is all about loving the soul not the body." *All that you...
  • shortstory
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NOT WARRIORS: [HOLLAND] by mistysday-
tylermaepike: I found you just in time, and hey for what it's worth, I think you saved my life | tomholland1996 retweeted this! - or in which one halloween night change...
  • peter
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Ashes [peter parker] by daiinty
Ashes [peter parker]by strange (hiatus)
Prequel is out! Adira Whittimore has an uncontrollable power. She gained this power in a strange accident when she was only an eleven-year-old kid. After she fights with...
  • strange
  • tomholland
  • tonystark
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The Avatar || Infinity War  by _noenoel_
The Avatar || Infinity War by BTS_TRASH
While trying to adjust to the new world after being on ice, Alexandria, The Avatar must put on hold her life as she and her allies, join forces with The Avengers, and Gu...
  • scarletwitch
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I Fell in Love with a Cryptic (ON-GOING) by preciouxx_gem
I Fell in Love with a Cryptic ( Precious Gem
A typical torpe-manhid set up story. Si Megan ay isang ordinaryo at simpleng babae na nangangarap lamang. Then, she met Michael that made her heart and mind complicated...
  • heartbeat
  • wattys2018
  • manhid
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Web Head {Peter Parker} by HotDoNotTouch
Web Head {Peter Parker}by Anna
in which the daughter of tony stark meets a boy in red spandex peter parker x oc captain america: civil war, spiderman: homecoming, thor: ragnarok part of FALLEN HEROES...
  • civilwar
  • spiderman
  • steverogers
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Peter Parker Preferences by UGottaLoveDraco
Peter Parker Preferencesby UGottaLoveDraco
Love is not black and white but rainbow! Smut, amgst, fluff, lemon- you name it, I'll write it! #22 in lgbtpride
  • peter
  • wattys2018
  • avengers
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She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • loki
  • wattpride
  • blackpanther
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My Professor is my Husband by GorgeousLadyZy
My Professor is my Husbandby GorgeousLadyZy
I was the girl he used to love. He was the boy who broke my heart. I was the girl who loved him more than what he deserved I was the girl who cried and beg for him to st...
  • mariella
  • professor
  • marriage
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Avengers Gif Imagines! by _Genius_Stark
Avengers Gif Imagines!by •Stark•
REQUESTS ARE OPEN: Characters I'll write about: Steve Rogers(Captain America) Tony Stark(Iron Man) Bruce Banner(The Hulk) Thor Odinson Loki Laufeyson Bucky Barnes(Winter...
  • infinity
  • war
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