My Fearless Leader | Leonardo Romance Scenarios

My Fearless Leader | Leonardo Romance Scenarios

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TMNT_LeaderInBlue By TMNT_LeaderInBlue Updated Jun 11

"Don't be embarrassed. I like that you can't focus around me." 

"I am completely capable of focusing around you." I say and cross my arms, more than wanting to take his ego down a peg. 

Leo's smirk only widens. Man he smirks a lot. 

Next thing I know, his body is pinning me against the wall. Mere millimeters separate our faces, and he looks directly into my eyes, unwavering. His breathing body moves against me. "How well can you focus now?" 

My teeth clench together as I look away from those amorous blue eyes that threaten to kindle a wild fire deep in the pit of my stomach. 

"Y-you have no effect on me," I state firmly, cringing internally when I stutter. 

Leo chuckles, his breath trickling over my face and tickling my skin. I can't help closing my eyes and shuddering. These induced feelings he's created in me reach to every corner of my soul and threaten to weaken my knees everytime he so much as stands close to me.

How did this moment turn so heated? 
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"I finished reading this and I felt like I was actually there, you are an amazing writer with so much talent. I loved this, don't stop writing please."
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Chapter 1 

"I think I can fly with how many butterflies are in my stomach." 
~ @bluegeekyfangirl
Chapter 27 

"Your work is awesome, Unnie!!! Honestly a lot of the other fanfics I saw didn't really write it all that nice and they were rather simplistic and you can get bored of them easily. But this is really creative, original and engaging. It's really the best thing ever. I keep reading it over and over, and it never gets boring."
~ @UnitedUnicornsOf2U