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Protect You- Leonardo x Reader (TMNT 2012) by justanotherwriter250
Protect You- Leonardo x Reader (TM...by ⚔︎ 𝙳 ⚔︎
Y/n l/n and her younger sister live a fairly normal life. That takes a turn however when their paths cross a certain mutant dressed in a blue mask. A turn for the worst...
Stuck In Reality (Book 1) TMNT 2014/2016- Leo x Reader eventually by silver-shadowss
Stuck In Reality (Book 1) TMNT 201...by Silver Shadow
After four turtles show up in your yard out of a portal, you have to help them figure a way back to their dimension. Leo x Reader eventually I suck at descriptions. The...
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tmnt imagines by sarahthenerd
tmnt imaginesby silly 🩵
Basically imagines of your favourite turtles. Started: Feb/26/19 Ended: feb 9 2024 1K ~ 07/01/19 100K ~ 10/14/22 no requests pls
ROTTMNT / TMNT 2012 One Shots by MultiFandomAccount0
ROTTMNT / TMNT 2012 One Shotsby ♡ Unknown ♡
* REQUESTS OPEN * Tons of one shots that I have written for all of you beautiful people to read and enjoy. This used to be only 2012 series themed, but I've added Rise o...
The Family You Needed (Book 2)- TMNT 2014/2016- Leo x Reader  by silver-shadowss
The Family You Needed (Book 2)- TM...by Silver Shadow
Now that you're moved in with the turtles back on their Earth, you have more problems than you did before. Now you have to protect yourself from the Foot clan, avoid Ka...
TMNT Mother Scenarios by TMNT_RaphiesGirl
TMNT Mother Scenariosby nutєllα
I searched for mother scenarios a few years ago and nothing came up so I figured 'why not be the first to make one?', right? This is my first time writing scenarios so p...
I Blue You |Leonardo x Reader| by EriMisu
I Blue You |Leonardo x Reader|by EriMisu
What dangers approach you when you have this "special" relationship with Leonardo Hamato Betrayal? Heartbreaks? Injuries? P.S this is just a fanfiction, I don'...
Tmnt X Readers And OCs by blue_divergents
Tmnt X Readers And OCsby Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
This is my request book for Tmnt characters. Most of them will be for the lovely Hamato brothers, but you can request other characters from the tmnt universe! I accept r...
TMNT 2012: Y/n Hamato by KBPeanutGirl24578377
TMNT 2012: Y/n Hamatoby Kassie@2336473
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the house, dudes! Y/n Hamato is the younger human sister of Leo, Donnie, Raph and Mikey and the adopted daughter of Hamato Yoshi! Come...
"My lies will be true no matter what" Oshi No Ko reader x TMNT 2003 by emahnieQueen
"My lies will be true no matter wh...by emahnieQueen
Y/N Hoshino is April's little sister and after leaving Japan to see her family again ,she and April meet some turtles that aren't your regular turtles, their Teenage Mut...
this is what love feels like ?   [rise donnie x reader] - ROTTMNT by loeviesgone
this is what love feels like ? [...by loevie
!ART NOT MINE! ✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧~♡~✧ ~Donnie x Reader~ NO lemons/smut, tcest/turtle incest Only fluff/lime, and angst. --- Ages Casey Jones - 17 Raphael...
Anatawa Hitorijanai (ROTTMNT & Child Reader) by lsam73196
Anatawa Hitorijanai (ROTTMNT & Chi...by Samanttha2006
A story about you, (Y/N), and your adventures with the turtles.
Polar Opposites by Arrowbolt5
Polar Oppositesby Arrowbolt5
Cora and Leo didn't have a lot in common. Leo was a fighter, he was brave and strong. A fearless leader. Cora on the other hand was clumsy and preferred to do her work w...
Tmnt X Reader Casey's Sister by MissNotSoAverage
Tmnt X Reader Casey's Sisterby MissNotSoAverage
{TMNT 2003 series} Meet Rowena Jones, Casey Jones' adopted younger sister. She's not your average 18 year old girl and she's not afraid to rough and tussel with boys. He...
Only The Blind Can See by Arrowbolt5
Only The Blind Can Seeby Arrowbolt5
Leo is out on patrol alone when he comes upon a girl training on a rooftop with swords, she wears a bandanna around her eyes, but she senses his presence. Soon after mee...
Shatteredby Light
It all started as a fight between leo and raph. But just a mistake from the blue masked turtle makes his life go downhill.
Deeper than the Ocean ⚔ (A TMNT 2012 FanFiction) by LoveLeonardo538
Deeper than the Ocean ⚔ (A TMNT 20...by LoveLeonardo538
15-year-old Lotus Kimaro, has just witnessed the death of her mother and the abduction of her little brother right in front of her eyes. Those alien robots did this. Tha...
Sometimes in the wind of change We find our true direction || A TMNT FanFic || by SilverRiderGhost
Sometimes in the wind of change We...by _Silver_Rider_
Kitana is a girl who was raised by the Shredder along side with Karai. Throughout the years Kitana has been training to be a full kunoichi to make her father and mother...
Feeling Blueby Light
After getting in a fight with his brothers leo thinks that nobody wants him anymore. leo gets captured by shredder. will his brothers save him or will they just move on...
The New Shredder by DustberryFan
The New Shredderby Berry
This is my TMNT AU. It's a crossover between ROTTMNT and TMNT2012. It took forever to plan out. Any art used is NOT mine. Just as a disclaimer