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The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader) by SierraPoulson
The Forgotten (Bowser x Reader)by YessicaHaircut17
You, (y/n), are the younger sister of the Mario Brothers. The one who's never remembered. The one that has their good deeds taken by your brothers because they're the fa...
🌹 :: The little queen :: 🌹 { Bad Sanses x Reader }  by _madame_butterfly
🌹 :: The little queen :: 🌹 { 𝐁𝐛ⁱˢ 𝙏𝙞𝙧𝙚𝙙 ⛈
Yeah yeah, It's always the same Story, Our big bad guys kidnap the little, innocent, shy girl, who lives with Toriel. The bad guys will fall for her, her cute manners an...
The Multiverse Sans(Sans Au's and Papyrus Au's x Male Sans Reader) by NightmareShadowEnare
The Multiverse Sans(Sans Au's Nightmare Shadow Sans
You are the oldest Sans with no Au left. You stay in your empty black and white glitching void. You miss everyone in your universe. You became depressed out of lonelines...
Loving Mr. CEO by Emelradine
Loving Mr. CEOby Little Red🌹
After being left at the altar, shattered and heart broken, Cade Chesterfield vowed to never be involved with any other woman. Mabel Holland was never one to stick aroun...
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys) by Stitch1123
Sans AU x Reader(Bad Guys)by Dematoid
Au Sanses x Reader If you like edgy and scary Sanses, and romantic and fluffy and edgy scenarios, then this is the book for you!!
Sanscest lemons🍋[Slow updates] by TheFunnysinner
Sanscest lemons🍋[Slow updates]by TheFunnysinner
The title says it all people!Now i don't want any cinnamon rolls reading this,There too innocent!Anyways enjoy! Ps:Most of this is not canon,so don't come at me for addi...
Sweet little Error~  by Yumiko111316
Sweet little Error~ by Yumiko Yumiko
Error, was also Sans one's. He had a life before he woke up in the anti-void, and lost his memory about his past. His old self. The REAL him. His bones turned to Black...
Dolly | Suicide squad |updating by cookiecupcakefighter
Dolly | Suicide squad |updatingby Naya
"I've been a sinner since i was born" Being bad isn't really that hard well in Trinity eyes a.k.a dolly who is certainly one of the most dangerous woman who ca...
DREAM SANS ONESHOT🖇💚by Queen Maya-mez
Any ship with dream is accepted! You can give resquet or anything but ships that I am sure Or not, i'll make, Bad guys×dream Dust×dream[Drust]{maybe} Cross×dream[Cream]{...
Forgotten (A Dustberry fanfic)  by Luma_Blue
Forgotten (A Dustberry fanfic) by Luma Ni Blue
Blue went on a mission with his friends Ink and Dream. The mission was to find a source of evil in a cave. Turns out the cave was unstable. Blue and Dream started runnin...
She will be mine( dream sans x Neko reader x pervert Nightmare ) by lovergirl9023
She will be mine( dream sans x lovergirl9023
You are a girl living in Nekotale and you meet two skeletons, both of you want you, find out if dream sans will win your heart or Nightmare will get his way with you
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{Sanders Sides Super Hero AU} by GiveMeMyOwn
We Want To Be Normal SEQUEL{ 💜💜Kam💜💜
WARNING THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES PLEASE GO READ THE FIRST BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY: It's been a year since Remus and Deceit have turned themselves in to...
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk) by Azieruu_
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk)by dance with me or you go see t...
FORGIVE THE FIRST CHAPTERS, MY WRITING WAS STILL BAD BACK THEN. Ink happily enters his second year of high school in the School for Magic Wielders but ends up having h...
Human killermare short stories by KillerMare_Vist
Human killermare short storiesby Vist
Just some human au killermare stories I came up with. They will be short doe. Both are still male too.
infernal sleep ( nightmare x error)  by whitefox50505
infernal sleep ( nightmare x Amber May
A battle wages on between the star Sanses and the bad Sanses but what happens when dream seals nightmare away by putting him into a deep slumber. now error nightmares ri...
Finding Him, and Finding Myself (Werewolf) by charliedagurl
Finding Him, and Finding Myself ( Charlirae
Have you ever had your life go crazy and all your emotions come out and people find their true selves? I have. My family wasn't like everyone else. My dad was a trained...
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Rick Flag by paigetcute
Insanity || Suicide Squad || Pez
"Listen bitch, You're no better than we are...the only difference between us that is we don't hide behind a 'good guys' façade"
 error story's /error One-shots by mommy_error
error story's /error One-shotsby Mad dog-Chan
I drew the cover so this is mostly a bunch of story's about error the forced god of destruction and stuff like that I'm not going to do this one often I'm lazy and real...