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Lost Code (Sans AUs x Reader) by ThatStrangeBean
Lost Code (Sans AUs x Reader)by Kai
(Moving this from my Ao3 to here) Not all code gets used... You're alone. Until you're not.
Mutli: The Child of Balance by CinnamonSage140
Mutli: The Child of Balanceby CinnamonSage
Being reborn sucks. I'm now the oldest sibling of Sans Au ship children. I'm the Daughter of Dream, Error, Nightmare, and Ink. So I have a mix of all their powers. Great...
Reborn as a Echo Flower? by DancingAce1
Reborn as a Echo Flower?by DancingAce1
Where am I!?And why the heck am I suddenly a blue talking echo Flower?
Reincarnated as nightmare sans from Dreamtale by nelliesheerin
Reincarnated as nightmare sans Karina Sheerin
A women who loves children dies and is face to face with the decision to reincarnate as nightmare sans if she allows herself to be Karmas chosen child. 'Fgod error belon...
Pj's Daycare x Male Reader by YaboiPizzaCrown
Pj's Daycare x Male Readerby YaboiPizzaCrown
Y/N is a human adult male working with Pj with taking care of all the little Kinder Sanses! This is a rework of the comic meaning no Pedo crap or undertones, no shipping...
A Killer Life by FewCafe
A Killer Lifeby nok_nok
adopted story. original by @Mijunaa :3 - Life was complicating, to say the least. being reincarnated into a body of a fictional character?? Seems nice, until you figure...
Nezuko meets Sans Aus? by Amischill
Nezuko meets Sans Aus?by Amischill
I was bored, and this is just Nezuko from Demon Slayer (KNY) mysteriously (for whatever reason) teleported into the Undertale Aus multiverse. And yes, this Ink knows m...
Y/N the Creator (Alphatale Fanfic) by DynamicCiocea
Y/N the Creator (Alphatale Fanfic)by DynamicCiocea
An Undertale fan gets reincarnated into the Alphatale Multiverse. Will they use the knowledge gathered from their first life to their advantage? Or will they perish, fig...
I'm Kris But In Undertale?! by Anime-lover109
I'm Kris But In Undertale?!by Tsubaki
Y/n was born in the real world but he had lacked adventure in his life. The only thing that had given him a sense of adventure was a few games like undertale and Deltaru...
No more secrets between us by holacomdd
No more secrets between usby Hola Comoestas
Nightmare the boss of the bad sanses, dicides to trust his subordinantes and tell them his story and all his secrets, since he thinks that he can trust them.
Reincarnated as a Voice by IHamTiredAndBored
Reincarnated as a Voiceby TiredAndBored
TW: Swearing and slight gore Y/N reincarnates in the anti-void as a Voice... Will he befriend error or will they make them hate their guts? And will they meet other peop...
From A Wish To Reality (Sans Aus x OC) by SpiritWolfNura
From A Wish To Reality (Sans Aus Kyran Wolfe
A new town. A new house. A new life. She'd never felt so lonely. Her only 'friends' were the skeletons that an entire Fandom built. She wished that they were real. . . ...
We're leaving this city.. (human sans aus/ Zombie apocalypse) by Dark_moon983
We're leaving this city.. (human Dark_moon983
This is a story of a Zombie apocalypse which the sans au's go through, following in the perspective of either nightmare, Error or a third person dream. They're trying to...
HoloBRUH! by SansAUsCrossovers
HoloBRUH!by SansAUsCrossovers
Epic!Sans in Hololive. Wonder how this will play out.
Sans aus meet the creator! by TheSparkleUnicorn1
Sans aus meet the creator!by The Sparkle Unicorn
Sans aus can finally meet a creator! But what if it's not what they expected?
yandererverse X Reader by Sookie34
yandererverse X Readerby Sookie34
( ) image yup here we go you and your 10 year old sister, frisk had a hard life and your family was trash, your mom always lo...
Sanscest Oneshots  by Ravenpoint
Sanscest Oneshots by Ancient Failure
Basically whatever ship whenever I feel like it. Some thing or ships might come up again and again. I get a lot of ideas randomly. •>• I do take requests tho if you h...
Bad Guys x reader by RascalSansKacchan
Bad Guys x readerby Ireland Flag
(Y/N) was a normal girl but she was homeless since her parents kicked her out a month ago. But that all changed when Nightmare saw how negative she was. But what happens...
Yandere Everyone x Dream by itwillallendsoon
Yandere Everyone x Dreamby hi :]
Something happened, and Dream doesn't know what. But soon everyone has become a yandere. And they are all after him. I saw something like this with Error and wanted to...