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Waking Destruction by PandoraMoonier
Waking Destructionby PandoraMoonier
Operation Pandora was a mission made by the major deitys of the multiverse in order to punish their chosen children and restore the balances. Operation Pandora was start...
Sans aus reacts to more of the Multiverse  by TheSparkleUnicorn1
Sans aus reacts to more of the The Sparkle Unicorn
So I got some Sans aus in a theater for them to react to some of their aus requests are more than welcome! wanted to do this for so long! why didn't anyone else do this...
FGoD Oneshots Stories by ZaryasTales
FGoD Oneshots Storiesby Zaryas Tales
This is a FGoD oneshot fic that I decided to put my old one in... I'll still be taking request but picky and I'll mostly writing my ideas as short stories or just mini s...
I'm Kris But In Undertale?! by Anime-lover109
I'm Kris But In Undertale?!by Tsubaki
Y/n was born in the real world but he had lacked adventure in his life. The only thing that had given him a sense of adventure was a few games like undertale and Deltaru...
Different Shades of Blue ||BlueBerry Sans Au by blehonavacado123
Different Shades of Blue || Berry
What if blue was found by nightmare before ink and dream found him? ((COVER ART BY MEEE))
yandererverse X Reader by Sookie34
yandererverse X Readerby Sookie34
( ) image yup here we go you and your 10 year old sister, frisk had a hard life and your family was trash, your mom always lo...
Reincarnated As Dream Sans by Dragon-Heart99
Reincarnated As Dream Sansby Animal~Lover
Liam died while saving his girlfriend from being crushed by a building,and what do you know a random god decided to reincarnate him as Dream sans with some OP abilites a...
Error404/William and Error!sans in Tensura by rfabi2013194jfk
Error404/William and Error!sans Error
A peaceful day it was for error and william u til the one know as author decided hey lets have fun and throw them into a different multiverse im sure everything will be...
Stuck in Fgod (Error404!sans) by GlowingEye4
Stuck in Fgod (Error404!sans)by GlowingEye4
Error404 is having a wonderful day in his multiverse! Error is actually keeping his criteria, Alphatale is going along well, Bill!sans is nowhere to be seen, and that DA...
reborn as merciless by nightsimp23
reborn as mercilessby noot noot
what happens if someone was born as merciless? would he make his parents proud? or would he support his siblings? why not both but can he really do that? lets find o...
To Far Glitched by B1ack_X
To Far Glitchedby Black X
Ink was looking through the aus in his doodlesphere until he found one that he never had been to before, all of the sudden a portal appears underneath him and he finds...
There crazy (classic x sans aus) by I-Am_Hum0n-
There crazy (classic x sans aus)by +Soft As Static+
Classic was in his home then he was kidnapped by a bunch of sanses. What happeneds if the sanses like him? will classic like them too? find out in the damn story (I may...
Reborn as a Echo Flower? by DancingAce1
Reborn as a Echo Flower?by DancingAce1
Where am I!?And why the heck am I suddenly a blue talking echo Flower?
Fight for Him | SWADMARE | by rioromeooo
Fight for Him | SWADMARE |by Nightmare </3
The Bad Sans love their Boss, but so does someone else.. The Bad Sanses and The Star Sanses were at war. They fought almost every day, until one day something happened...
midnight roses (nightberry) by nova_glitches
midnight roses (nightberry)by blue!
swap has been getting alot of weird things happening lately but he doesnt know whats going on..
Mutli: The Child of Balance by CinnamonSage140
Mutli: The Child of Balanceby CinnamonSage
Being reborn sucks. I'm now the oldest sibling of Sans Au ship children. I'm the Daughter of Dream, Error, Nightmare, and Ink. So I have a mix of all their powers. Great...
Dumb gays fall for a dumb gay (Sans aus x Male reader) by Zanetheidiot
Dumb gays fall for a dumb gay ( I’m tired
So (name) is just chilling at home right? And suddenly he gets trampled by some monsters, which he though was impossible because they're all in the underground, right? ...
Warning! by Nel4572
Warning!by Nel4572
A huge nightmare sans fan gets reincarnated as killer sans in an fgod multiverse but not just any killer sans a killer sans ink made specifically to kill nightmare no au...
My bitty babies by Nightmares1st3r
My bitty babiesby Runa-san
When a dragon mutant named Y/n finds abandoned bittys and then returns to her home? What will happen in this bittybones and tmnt crossover? Just read to find out!
Reborn as Fresh by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Freshby HyperFixtionSucks202
OC is reborn as Fresh, however their not a parasite like everyone seems to think they are. Apparently it was a rumor started by their Au because of their soul being in t...