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Factory Reset by CandletheCat
Factory Resetby CandletheCat
Mason Demian was not your average seven-teen year old, and neither was his family. He had always belived that something was out there, beyond the stars and sky, but he n...
  • anthro
  • furries
  • adventure
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Sweet Dreams Furever by Magicalspiritbeast
Sweet Dreams Fureverby Magicalspiritbeast
A wolf named Cosmo gets stuck at a ranch in up North Michigan, where he meets the love of his life, a perfect wolf named Hawk.
  • anthro
  • furry
  • romance
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Daily Life With Furry Girls by SciFurz
Daily Life With Furry Girlsby SciFurz
Guy did not suspect to find a beautiful white feline anthro female knocking on his door in the mistaken impression he'd be her host when he sat down to write one evening...
  • harem
  • avian
  • spider
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Stephan And The Concrete Jungle by Shawnsm13
Stephan And The Concrete Jungleby Shawn
***Rewrite of the Original, GAY FURRY fanfiction i wrote and deleted.*** Stephan is a 15 year old kid, who always is moving from city to city, and sometimes across the g...
  • jungle
  • stephan
  • mystery
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High School  by JacktheFur
High School by Jack
Jack, an Irish, moody wolf, didn't know what could happen on his first day in 11th grade. From waking to his loud alarm from a great........dream and making new friends...
  • firststory
  • auntmallory
  • highschool
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College Partner (Gay Furry Fanfiction) by justsomerandomwolf
College Partner (Gay Furry Another Furry Wolf
This is my very first story on this account! Find out what happens during the adventures of love with Dusk and Midnight! This story is a gay furry fanfiction, and it wil...
  • lgbt
  • gayanthrofurries
  • anthrofurries
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Story Corner (MATURE 17+) by WriterWhoNeverSleeps
Story Corner (MATURE 17+)by Writers Block
This is a story corner that is meant for a mature audience do to acts of a sexual nature. Also this these story all have to do with anthropomorphic animals.
  • sexualstuff
  • anthro
  • originalcharacters
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LostMaleReader X Yandere Furry by NoGoalGal
LostMaleReader X Yandere Furryby 🖤Izzy🖤
Now that there will be more than one and are totally based in different times. Also i dont own any art in this as well
  • malereader
  • romance
  • furries
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Sticky fur by ilikejackitsme
Sticky furby Link The Fox
A collection of sex stories by link the fox an amateur furry erotic fan fiction writer and fellow foxxo floof ball :3 please have "fun" whilst you read these...
  • yiff
  • anthro
  • erotic
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A Burning Passion (Furry BoyxBoy) ON HOLD by Official_Wulfypaws87
A Burning Passion (Furry BoyxBoy) Swazzy
A wolf named Zabu, he's 15 and has to find ways to hide from his family that he's gay. He also just moved from Florida to Connecticut because of money issues. But soon h...
  • depressing
  • anthro
  • meltdowns
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Tsundere Neko x Female Reader by RaspberryYxhi
Tsundere Neko x Female Readerby Yahi Junco
Y/N has just moved to the new city of Monroe. New house, new city, and new school. She thinks that it will be harder to live there and to start over. But she doesnt know...
  • neko
  • nekoboyxreader
  • readerinsert
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His Last Words (Furry fanfic) by Oakie-Dokie
His Last Words (Furry fanfic)by Samuel M.
I don't even know what this is... Somewhat of a Furry Fanfic I wrote throughout middle school that sucks ass and makes no sense *Originally published on an old account*
  • furryfandom
  • anthro
  • furry
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I promise by NightWing4390
I promiseby Eeveerox
Lucas has sworn to protect his friend, Katie, at all costs. But when they face the challenges ahead of them, what will become of them? (This is a Human x Furry story.)
  • abuse
  • humanxfurry
  • human
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The Human Pet by AnderTheEnderWolf
The Human Petby AnderTheEnderWolf
Charles, a human living in a world of bipedal animals as the only human remaining. His modern happyish life goes to escaping the Human Pet Enforcers or the H.P.E which l...
  • sfw
  • veryplottwisted
  • darkness
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Silver x Mephiles: Tentacles (Lemon) by Lomii_cat
Silver x Mephiles: Tentacles ( 𝓔𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓪𝓼𝓽
Silver is lost in the woods until he finds a familiar darkness creeping on him. *LEMON WARNING NOTE: This story contains vine/tentacle fetish. If you're not into that st...
  • yaoihardcore
  • gay
  • hedgehog
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Bios of My Original Characters by KokuppaShoujo13
Bios of My Original Charactersby Ginny D
Here are the bios of my original characters. Almost all of my original characters are anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like traits and qualities. Even thou...
  • original
  • animals
  • originalcharacter
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Celia (WIP) by SnowfallWarning
Celia (WIP)by Smiling Derkeethus
Celia was the daughter of Roscuroe and Hannah. She lived peacefully with her family near Taylor, BC. She did not know what it was like to live in hiding her whole life...
  • warning
  • fighting
  • sequel
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PigLife by FrankieTheGainerGuy
PigLifeby Frankie The Gainer Guy
A relaxing day of games and food soon turns into a mix of fear and pleasure as you discover a game that rewards and punishes you for your gluttony and pig-like behavior...
  • gay
  • weightgain
  • weight
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Fractured Light - The Falling Star and The Fire Shard by Unknown-Tale
Fractured Light - The Falling Unknown-Tale
(Cover Art isn't official yet, might change again. Originally Fantasy Story: Legend of the Seven Shards, but I decided on a better name for the series as a whole.) Welc...
  • thefourchosen
  • anthro
  • adventure
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The Soldier And The Hellhound by IJNYamato
The Soldier And The Hellhoundby IJN Yamato
when a spetsnaz operative is in trouble a beautiful hellhound saves his life.
  • anthro
  • hellhound
  • xhuman