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Astray, the boy and the Lupin. by TyImperialUK
Astray, the boy and the Tyler L
Tyler and his friends in the British Army Cadets travel to the U.S on a special course that will Guarantee a good job and good life. But once they enter the woods, they...
Stay With Me (Gay Furry love story) by Levster_woo
Stay With Me (Gay Furry love story)by Levi
Step into a a part of the life of the 17 year old blue wolf Zoko, the typical quiet fur in the class. Except for his special color, he's never really calling for any att...
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reader x Furry Female Harem) by DireLaxion
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Lakay
In a world full of zombies and mutated zombies Y/N and his companions goes through the depths of hell. Will they survive?
Sent To Another World | Male Reader x Female Furry Harem by DireLaxion
Sent To Another World | Male Lakay
YN was a shut-in NEET and decided to go outaide his house only to meet something unexpected.
Lin x Puro Oneshots (CHANGED Ship) by Scarlet-The-Fox
Lin x Puro Oneshots (CHANGED Ship)by Mason
Yey :D My first Oneshots book! Sorry if its terrible... I doubt many people will read this since they will know the Steam game CHANGED by Snowdragon.
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OUTWORLD: Sea Dog by VincentJSomers
OUTWORLD: Sea Dogby VincentJSomers
OUTWORLD: Sea Dog takes place in a universe populated by animals. Husky salvager Michelle Pow embarks upon a perilous mission into the briny deep, a mission that will te...
I will (Furry Boyxboy) by Julbernese
I will (Furry Boyxboy)by Julbernese
Han is a Australian Shepherd and the only dog in a tiger's family; Adyson, his fostermother and Nathaly, his foster sister. He struggles with his hard past and bad reput...
In Love with an Assassin by DireLaxion
In Love with an Assassinby Lakay
Assassino! Credits to the owner!
MLP: Guardian of Harmony by Bolt8091
MLP: Guardian of Harmonyby KVVh1te
Reboot story to my little champion
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Tear by Khaos-Scribblez
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Tearby Khaos
|SFW | COMPLETE| |BOOK 1 of Fantasy Vs Reality| ________ This is a story about a young girl named Hava. She is a growing digital artist who dreams of having her own digi...
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Withering by Khaos-Scribblez
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Witheringby Khaos
|SFW | IN PROGRESS| |A NEW CHAPTER EVERYDAY| |BOOK 2 of Fantasy Vs Reality| ________ Hava's soul sits on the brink between the world of fantasy and the world of reality...
Shadewylf by SpruceWolf
Shadewylfby Pup
Thirty-Four is a young wolf with high expectations resting on his shoulders. With a princess for a mother and a soldier for a father, he should have noble and powerful b...
Love In The City by 323cherrycherry323
Love In The Cityby 😭Cry Baby😭
Nick has been having a hard time looking for a mate to settle down with, he then stumble upon a white female fox who gave him a chance but apparently someone has been ve...
The hunt for Red-Sapien. by TyImperialUK
The hunt for Tyler L
Artyom Novikoff, a young Russian boy, wishes to join the Red Army and become a soldier, but his mother is hesitant about it because of his father. He gets an assignment...
Remy Rabbit Bounty Hunter Volume 2(WIP) by RemyRabbit
Remy Rabbit Bounty Hunter Volume RemyRabbit
Art By: Previously: Remy and Poru go on a mission to find a man named Kee-Hactoo. They find a secret laboratory and Remy ends u...
Meet The Artist (Art Book #1) by KatzKanWrite17
Meet The Artist (Art Book #1)by Katz
I've been on here before, formally known as KimH2003, the artist, but I actually deleted the first book. So here is my artwork after 3 years. I am more active on Instagr...
The Furland Story by DerAtomherbst
The Furland Storyby Niko Harvey
Furland used to be a great place to live, until a hundred years ago, when it was divided into four regions, treaties kept the peace going for years, until now. See the s...
Two Halves Make a Whole (Straight Furry Story) by JaxXwolf
Two Halves Make a Whole ( Jaxxy! :3
Athen's Paradise (Anthros x Readers) by AnderTheEnderWolf
Athen's Paradise (Anthros x AnderTheEnderWolf
Disclaimer: All of the characters are over the age 18. None of the artwork is mine as I can't draw well (book cover as proof). If you had clicked on this book and contin...