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It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X Error) story by Lamarlucid
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X...by
'Dream' the guardian of hopes and dreams has finally given up, so he tries to erase his existence by jumping in the void.. But when he got there, he saw someone else g...
New Eyes, New Me by TheMarsMoon
New Eyes, New Meby TheMarsMoon
Dream had spent most of his time being pushed around by Ink and was expected to be the solution to everyone's emotional problems. The only thing he did for himself was t...
Reincarnated as Dream with Differences (HIATUS) by Xalatea_Zennia
Reincarnated as Dream with Differe...by Zennia
A random teenager dies in a gunfire. Now, they had awaited their fate for so long, helping everyone out till they passed on. This teen was religious and may or may not...
Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21...
A MINI Adventure by l_LunarEclipse_l
A MINI Adventureby 𝕷𝖚𝖓𝖆𝖗
Whose dream isn't it to end up in one of their favorite games or series? When you know so much about it, how much can go wrong? A lot, apparently. [Aside from my Ocs, I...
I Became the Nightmare of the Multiverse by Lxzaruss
I Became the Nightmare of the Mult...by Lazar.
discontinued. !! STORY COVER DOESN'T BELONG TO ME NEITHER DO THE CHARACTERS IN THE STORY !! (ps; I forgot the book I got inspired in doing this.) A Fate untold. A Destin...
Insomnia- Accidental Love by CaptainPluffer
Insomnia- Accidental Loveby CaptainPluffer
There are two sides in the Multiverse. There are the Star Sanses, known to be the heroes and saviors of the Multiverse. And then there are the Bad Sanses, known to cause...
brothers no Matter by Maya-mez
brothers no Matterby Queen Maya-mez
nightmare and dream are brother not usually same age so I could not say they are twins (my AU). nightmare is older than dream with 6 years...the two of them were created...
DreamTale - A fight to the past by _arty_boi
DreamTale - A fight to the pastby _arty_boi
Everyone knows of the classic legend of Dreamtale. How Nightmare betrayed Dream, by eating the apples and destroying everyone who had every wronged him. But what if they...
I Became the Forced God of Creation by Lxzaruss
I Became the Forced God of Creationby Lazar.
!!STORY COVER ISN'T MINE AS I NEVER OWNED IT!! What if.. Error isn't a forced god but Ink is? What if Ink had enough and committed death and chose someone to be the next...
Friends Meeting Enemies by AngelGold238
Friends Meeting Enemiesby Angel Gold
What if there was a multiverse where Error and Ink were friends? What if the voices were the creators? What if they went to the Fgod multiverse because the voices were b...
Reverse the Reverse Potion (Fgod Error) by Dont-Mind_Meh
Reverse the Reverse Potion (Fgod E...by ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ
Science!Sans made a reverse personality potion, they used it on Error, Such a big mistake. What will happen to the multiverse if the merciful destroyer changes? Can they...
A destroyers bitty[s] by pain_4ever
A destroyers bitty[s]by pain_4ever
A fan fiction in which error sans the destroyer of aus finds a run down bitty au and adopts one of the tiny creatures
What am I??? (reincarnated to ink sans) by dealumin
What am I??? (reincarnated to ink...by A random person
I was once a human... A normal human who strive to make a living in a not so good world... But like any other saying- you cannot escape fate It's ridiculous that it too...
Autophobia Reborn Dream by Polaracro445
Autophobia Reborn Dreamby Polaracro445
His brother wasn't always a monster; that he is now shown to be. At the final stand against the parasite that possesses his once brother; he is mortally wounded, and his...
To become a parasite by KarmaAkabane425
To become a parasiteby Karma Akabane
What if..someone became the same parasite that was fresh? Not as the skeleton, but the parasite, the thing is, when this parasite gets memories of another life and their...
Truce (error x ink) by ZombieKitty2
Truce (error x ink)by Dead Cat
The god of destruction has finally convinced the creator to a truce, but why? and what will Ink do with his time now he can't create? Forced God of Destruction idea belo...
Little sun by Diamond3343
Little sunby Diamond3343
Dream had a secret that he refused to let anyone know the only person who knows is Sci as they are really close friends Dream trusts him letting Sci be his caretaker. Dr...
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid_1928
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanficby Squid
When Ink is exploring the au's, he stumbles upon a new au where he meets a new friend named Nightmare. The both of them create a close bond, and Nightmare explains how t...