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Friends Meeting Enemies by AngelGold238
Friends Meeting Enemiesby Angel Gold
What if there was a multiverse where Error and Ink were friends? What if the voices were the creators? What if they went to the Fgod multiverse because the voices were b...
Reborn as Dream from DreamTale by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Dream from DreamTaleby HyperFixtionSucks202
One minute I'm peacefully babysitting by little brother, the next in Dream from DreamTale. Does this mean I'm gonna need to act nice towards everyone? One thing's for su...
Thought To Be Dead-An Ink!Sans Fanfic by Mynameis_Moonstone_
Thought To Be Dead-An Ink!Sans Fan...by Moonstone
Ink was believed to be dead centuries ago. However, he was just greatly injured to the point of appearing dead. His grave was unvisited for decades, and as a result, he...
This life as Error Sans. by coolkidindahood
This life as Error Sans.by DaCoolest
⪼A life where our beloved [Reader/REDACTED] died a very.. 'Fun' death. ⪼upon realizing their death, they'd realize that they reincarnated into error sans, a character th...
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X Error) story by Lamarlucid
It hurts.. | an insomnia (dream X...by
'Dream' the guardian of hopes and dreams has finally given up, so he tries to erase his existence by jumping in the void.. But when he got there, he saw someone else g...
The Path We Walk by Lunazul3000
The Path We Walkby AsterCatcher
Aster Corvus Concord, now known as Sans Serif Gaster, was living a relatively peaceful life having reached the surface. Then it all reset. Now, after living through an e...
||No Longer The Guardian|| by LilyLunaetic
||No Longer The Guardian||by Lunatic
Dream was replaced by a new young Guardian. Well that's his cue for his retirement but... Oh well, not everyone let him retire and do whatever he wanted to do. Even af...
For You, I Live by Lunazul3000
For You, I Liveby AsterCatcher
Do you know what it's like to know your future? Do you know what it's like for no matter what you do, you only seem to make things worse? Do you know what it's like to a...
You've Convinced Me by PureDragon
You've Convinced Meby Rand
(This is DISCONTINUED, so be aware if you don't want to read something that won't be completed) The endless fighting and unresolved sorrow. Dream is tired of it all. In...
Reincarnated as Dream with Differences by Xalatea_Zennia
Reincarnated as Dream with Differe...by Zennia
A 'random' teenager dies all of a sudden from what seems to be a gun, they aren't your usual teenager, it was someone more then that. Someone that nobody wanted to die...
Another Chance [Slow Updates ಥ_ಥ] by That_RandomBystander
Another Chance [Slow Updates ಥ_ಥ]by MOTIVATED BY GUILT
Dream makes a desperate attempt to finally end it all. He finally wants to end it for good. The guilt was too much for him. However, death rejects him and he gets subtly...
Brightness in Bondage by Clichely
Brightness in Bondageby Cliche
Every year, the multiversal villains gather together to have fun and enjoy eachother's company. The heroes have something similar, but the villains have more fun. Of...
Innocence by W0rst_Nightmare
Innocenceby Zack
During a battle with the Bad Sans Dream says something that stops the fight instantly by asking one simple question, one that Fresh wants to know the answer to as well. ...
Reincarnated as Dream sans by The_Multiverse_Mom
Reincarnated as Dream sansby The_Multiverse_Mom
This is inspired by reborn as Dream from Dreamtale from HyperFixtionSucks202 Dream's past life was sad. She couldn't have a child of her own even though she had a love f...
My destiny (Fgod error - student version) by Crying_Author
My destiny (Fgod error - student v...by Itz_Shadow_Eclipse
The cover of this book is made by ♡͙♡͚ɢʀaɖɨɛռt♡͚♡͙ on Pinterest. Error had enough of the violence in his multiverse so he decided to jump into the void in hopes of commi...
New Eyes, New Me by TheMarsMoon
New Eyes, New Meby TheMarsMoon
Dream had spent most of his time being pushed around by Ink and was expected to be the solution to everyone's emotional problems. The only thing he did for himself was t...
Broken Glitches - An Fgod Error Story by onyxmocha
Broken Glitches - An Fgod Error St...by Onyx 🏃‍♀️💨
Error Sans, the Forced God of Destruction, has had it. He's had it with the abuse, the hateful things said to him, the fact he can't enter any au without being fought or...
Au sanses x Creator!Reader by Scp-Glitchy404
Au sanses x Creator!Readerby GlitchyGachatuber
Finished (Y/n) Owns a multiverse, What happends when the sanses from her multiverse meets her and fell inlove with they're own Creator? Read this to find out >
I Became the Forced God of Creation by Lxzaruss
I Became the Forced God of Creationby Lazar.
!!STORY COVER ISN'T MINE AS I NEVER OWNED IT!! What if.. Error isn't a forced god but Ink is? What if Ink had enough and committed death and chose someone to be the next...
Reverse the Reverse Potion (Fgod Error) by Dont-Mind_Meh
Reverse the Reverse Potion (Fgod E...by ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ
Science!Sans made a reverse personality potion, they used it on Error, Such a big mistake. What will happen to the multiverse if the merciful destroyer changes? Can they...