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Becoming Fresh sans by AmeliaForEli
Becoming Fresh sansby LazyAmeliaforEli
What if someone in our world becomes fresh sans? --- Story Status: [✴️Ongoing] |⚪Unedited⚫| 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Impressive Ranking: #128 out of 47.9k - Undertale | ⊙.☉ ...
Reincarnated as Horror Sans by CosmicStars08
Reincarnated as Horror Sansby CosmicStars08
What happens if Someone from our world was reincarnated as Horror Sans? Would they be able to survive or die trying? Through his entire life?
HorrorFarm- A Love That Grows by CaptainPluffer
HorrorFarm- A Love That Growsby CaptainCrunch<3
It was a normal day for Farmer Sans, the sky was clear and blue with the sun bright and warm. The animals in his and his brothers farm were roaming about as the plants g...
Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the bad sanses) by Ravenpoint
Mama Nootmare (A fanfic with the b...by Flightleap
A fanfic/story of Nightmare and children bad guys! All of the bad guys are children excluding Nightmare and Error. This is a story of Nightmare being a parent. I am ter...
Reborn as Error by Kiwi_Seal
Reborn as Errorby Kiwi_Seal
Cover image made by me. Someone meets their end too soon and meets someone who gives them another chance to live a more fulfilling life. One that they would enjoy despit...
New soul by Vampalina21
New soulby Vampalina21
[y/n] [l/n] was born with the soul of creativity but one day, fear took a massive toll on her. Now she is taunted/bullied/threatened because of her soul...half creativit...
Simpmare  [Errormare] by DahRadSkeleDude
Simpmare [Errormare]by JJ_loves_Ruru
Nightmare is a simp for Error thats all ya need to know.. love at first sight? slowly falls into simpness? Will Error like him back? maybe..idk..read to find out Also...
forever downtale by nap_TimeSensei
forever downtaleby 🌸💖🌸
some person has die and reborn in a sans body of an au they made themselves. A/N: forever downtale it's an au I made so let's just pretend this 'person' the one who cre...
You've Convinced Me by PureDragon
You've Convinced Meby Rand
The endless fighting and unresolved sorrow. Dream is tired of it all. In his desperate act of selfishness, he ends up captured by Nightmare.
AU Sans X Reader One-shots by Little_Blue805
AU Sans X Reader One-shotsby Blue
Completely female readers unless a request asks different. That's...really about it, enjoy!
Immortality by DahRadSkeleDude
Immortalityby JJ_loves_Ruru
-VERY ANGSTY- Error gives up. there's no point in fighting anymore.. He gets captured but doesn't care. Ink and the council decides to send Error to prison for life but...
Reaper sans in creepypastas world by KarmaAkabane425
Reaper sans in creepypastas worldby Karma Akabane
What if someone pushed reaper into the void while he was visiting outertale? Well nothings going to be the same since reapers no longer in the same multiverse... (Everyt...
I'm Kris But In Undertale?! by Anime-lover109
I'm Kris But In Undertale?!by Tsubaki
Y/n was born in the real world but he had lacked adventure in his life. The only thing that had given him a sense of adventure was a few games like undertale and Deltaru...
Melati!Sans The Florist Merchant by azfiruz
Melati!Sans The Florist Merchantby FIRUZ
Slice of second life and adventures to alternate universe with Melati!sans and his loyal companion Jasmine as traveling merchants plant. wanna join them? - Melati!sans...
Spirit Animals  by PotatoOfChaoss
Spirit Animals by ✨im tired✨
An Au where each person's spirit animal matches with their soul mate's. A Chemical can help determine who's spirit animal is who's. But when an experiment goes wrong, th...
тнє ѕтαя ѕαиѕєѕ ∂ιѕвαи∂мєит? [ Hiatus ]  by Deoderentt
тнє ѕтαя ѕαиѕєѕ ∂ιѕвαи∂мєит? [ Hia...by Deoderentt
What would happen if the Star Sanses have disbanded? What if they just disappeared? Would the Multiverse be safe anymore? Chaos spreading slowly. Why not read this book...
New "Brother" for Nightmare (Reincarnated as Dream) by ZeroTVoid
New "Brother" for Nightmare (Reinc...by Zero Time Void
Once upon a star a wish was heard. "I wish I had a brother who would understand me, who would be on my side, who wouldn't betray me" But sadly the multiverse d...
Sancest Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN) by Satans_fav_sinner
Sancest Oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN)by Satans_fav_sinner
The ship name will be in the title for any ship you want me to write about . . . . !!!WARNING!!! LEMONS LIMES SWEARING SUGGESTIVE LANGUAGE? Nightmare and Dream by Joku...
I just want to live....  by absolutelYin-Sane
I just want to live.... by Dead account
what if, Error was actually just a tall 14 year old? what if errors soul was slowly and painfully deteriorating? what if he doesn't destroy because he can or because he...
{COMPLETED} Sans x Reader Oneshots by yumaio
{COMPLETED} Sans x Reader Oneshotsby Yu
Well, I got requested to do this and I dedicate the first part to them! Basically this is just random scenarios with you and Sans! DISCLAIMER: I do not own Undertale or...