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Reincarnated as a Voice by IHamTiredAndBored
Reincarnated as a Voiceby TiredAndBored
TW: Swearing and slight gore Y/N reincarnates in the anti-void as a Voice... Will he befriend error or will they make them hate their guts? And will they meet other peop...
Depressive Ink Au comic by Paperjammy19
Depressive Ink Au comicby Jammy comyet
Not mine it's just too difficult trying to find it every time There is no part 2 don't blame me Original Autor @Manuru_15 Only publishing on weekends Also, episode 21...
{DELUSIONAL}   Reader X Sans Au  by Th4ts_Susp1c1ous
{DELUSIONAL} Reader X Sans Au by ✨Th4t’s_Susp1c1ous✨
A 20 year old woman/man fresh out of college. (Y/N) (L/N) works at home and mostly writes tons of books and novels that arranges from different genres that caught many...
Nightmare's little brother. (REMAKE!) // JUSTMarsLOL by JUSTMarsLOL
Nightmare's little brother. ( JUST Mars!
~ Dream was born 21 years after Nightmare was. Right after he was born, he was already titled as the 'Guardian of Positivity'. Quite too young for a child like him. But...
Reincarnated as Dream with Differences by Xalatea_Zennia
Reincarnated as Dream with Zennia
A random teenager dies in a gunfire. Now, they had awaited their fate for so long, helping everyone out till they passed on. This teen was religious and may or may not...
Reborn in my own multiverse  by False_Natural
Reborn in my own multiverse by False_Natural
A passive soul from our world is reborn as a Sans who has to take action, Ink. As willing as a soul who was forcefully reborn they take charge of their baby of a multiv...
classic sans x sans au oneshot by _4r1e_
classic sans x sans au oneshotby ._.
so..........................................hi? lol as you can see its in the title its about classic sans and his harem I think I will mostly ganna do lemon I mean why...
Reborn as Infected Sans by Errorfics404
Reborn as Infected Sansby Gjf Gyf
What if someone died and he was reborn as Infected Sans. What he will do in multiverse. What if it involves around forced god of destruction? All characters belong to th...
Եհҽ աíӀԵҽժ ցӀíԵϲհҽՏ {Old} by ScaraScribbles
Եհҽ աíӀԵҽժ ցӀíԵϲհҽՏ {Old}by Svet
Peace is was all there is now in the multiverse. Both sides of the balance, the Yin and Yang, finally made a truce after eons of dust and blood scorching the battlefiel...
your little bittybones (bittybones x reader)  by Celestia59
your little bittybones ( Daisy Bouzere
this Is a story where you Can choose what happen in the end so be aware of that ^^
Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cq by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Fresh in Momma Cqby SkeleSheena
What if someone died and reincarnated as Fresh in momma cq.... Can they stay in the storyline or change for a bit? Not reincarnated as a baby Fresh but being reincarnat...
The Amazing Digital Circus: With a SANS-sational Twist! by TimberWorld-INC
The Amazing Digital Circus: With TimberWorld-INC
TMDC x Male Axetale Sans Reader, That's all I can say (Maybe, with another AU in this mix) (I don't own any of the art unless I say it made it, and I don't own anything...
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid_1928
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanficby Squid
When Ink is exploring the au's, he stumbles upon a new au where he meets a new friend named Nightmare. The both of them create a close bond, and Nightmare explains how t...
Becoming Fatal Error Sans? Strange.... by SkeleSheena
Becoming Fatal Error Sans? SkeleSheena
I died after I got killed by those old bastards. They thought that I'm an afghan girl who was wearing wearing a tourist clothes in order to escape this country but no, t...
An Unexpected Visit (Classic Sans x Aus) by AljaeB
An Unexpected Visit (Classic AljaeB
The cover art is mine but I used a base drawing. I'm also planning on changing the cover in the future Warning: My Omniverse. If you don't like Classic Sans x AUs, then...
Sans aus x reader by GhibicatWow
Sans aus x readerby GhibicatWow
Summer was finally here and your parents are planning on going on an important business trip for the rest of the summer...for there they decided to send...
Endless Echo [Horrordust; Horror x Dust] by Seven_ET
Endless Echo [Horrordust; Horror 7KilledSeven
The most this fanfiction contains is fluff, angst, and whatever you call a singular making out session. Enjoy! [ALL ART BY ME] Horror and Dust, even working on same team...
A Pirates Tale by luck_tale
A Pirates Taleby Luck
In the eyes of Error Sans a usual tailor for the dreamtale kingdom his life is normal till events get changed and Nightmare the former lost prince and revered pirate cap...
Undertale/Au's x reader.  by Broken-fnaf-fan
Undertale/Au's x reader. by Artsy is bored.
I don't own the cover, or any of the art in this unless I say so. Here's some fluffy one shots. No lemons you sinners, most of the readers will be female sorry guys. Mo...
Reincarnated As Murder!Sans. by AAAAAAAAAAHAYSGAYYS
Reincarnated As Murder! D--> Equiqui!!!
feel that your sins are not enough. they always say everyones hell and heaven are different. too bad the gods chose to punish you. welcome, to your forever hell.