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Game Of House by ican_english
Game Of Houseby P U F F E R F I S H
This story is about a version of Error who destroys not because of fate and not because he is crazy, oh no... here, Error destroyed because he wanted to die. all he wan...
Undertale AU Oneshots by Kamania
Undertale AU Oneshotsby Kamania
Mostly FGoD Error-centric one-shots, but with others sprinkled in here and there. Warning: Contains Angst. __-_-__ Fgod Error concept belongs to harrish6, and Undertale...
Can I take you to Dinner? Mafi-fell!Sans x Reader.  [COMPLETED] by MissHoll-E-Socks
Can I take you to Dinner? Mafi-fel...by MissHoll-E-Socks
"How rude, not even gonna ask for a name??" He teased. "Why are you here?" You glowered, raising the whisk. The skeleton scoffed: "Well, glad yo...
A Bad Fuckin Temper (Underfell Sans X Female Reader) by halloweenmurders
A Bad Fuckin Temper (Underfell San...by Halloweenmurderers
You're 17,Your name is Y/N,You got a bad temper.You we're walking home,after a shitty day of school,you then heard a group of kids laughing. "The fuck is it now wit...
A Bit too much (ON HIATUS) by Kracka13
A Bit too much (ON HIATUS)by Raina J. Lystre
You were planning on getting a Bitty, and had ordered some stuff for the little guy. Being the completely normal person that you were, you hung out by a gas station in t...
Undertale Aus x reader Oneshots by Cute_musical_ge
Undertale Aus x reader Oneshotsby Kiki Hansen
If you can't tell what this is from the title idk what to tell you... I will do requests and they can be as detailed or as vague as you want. I will do OCs if you want. ...
Six Skeletons and The Waitress by ItsSwapPapyrus
Six Skeletons and The Waitressby Teutonic
A picture perfect family hides the fact that your life is filled with manipulation and abuse. When you move away after high school, you encounter more than one skeleton...
AU Sans x Reader (Requests Temporarily Closed) by Little_Blue805
AU Sans x Reader (Requests Tempora...by Carson Windham
Please don't go to hard on me, I'm new to writing for other people. I most likely will not do lemons, not because I don't want to, but I legit cannot. Also will be comp...
Cock slut Error one shots.  by Loverofyaoi22
Cock slut Error one shots. by Loverofyaoi22
This is a collection of one shots where Error is a slut.
A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's x Reader) by Oh_Sweet_Chessus
A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's...by Hi I’m dying inside
You've known Sans and Papyrus for four years, but all of a sudden they cut off all contact with you after two. You mainly ignored it until one day driving to their plac...
Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Not Just Evil (Underfell Papyrus X...by Indiana
Underfell Papyrus is viewed as one of the most ruthless monsters in the underground but what is really under that tough persona? Thanks to Tamqul on Deviantart for letti...
Frans pictures by Ruby_Cat1082006
Frans picturesby Zhira
I found this pictures on deviantart,pinterest,google and Frans Amino
My Itty Bitties by ItsSwapPapyrus
My Itty Bittiesby Teutonic
A box has been left at your doorstep. thinking that someone must've given you the wrong mail, you take it inside and wait for someone to come by and claim it. When a wee...
Love You Too Other Me  [Kustard♡] by LazzyyPotatooo
Love You Too Other Me [Kustard♡]by LazzyyPotatooo
.... One skeleton suffered emotionally... The other skeleton suffered physically... What will happen if the two broken souls meet? A simple story but you might find it v...
Castle's Pet (Bad Guys X Reader) by Emelin_Striker
Castle's Pet (Bad Guys X Reader)by Emelin
[Highest Rank: #1 in "sans"] [Second Highest Rank: #18 in "xreader"] (Girls only!) (Earlier updates are on my Quotev account!) WARNING: Profanity a...
SAFE Home (Sans AU's X Reader X Papyrus AU's) by Emelin_Striker
SAFE Home (Sans AU's X Reader X Pa...by Emelin
Sans AU's X Reader X Papyrus AU's (Girls only!) (FASTER UPDATES ARE ON QUOTEV!) (#ShoeTheTape) You were a quiet, anti-social girl with a big house you've got from your...
Undertale Boiz Oneshots by Fandomz_Fanboy
Undertale Boiz Oneshotsby Remus Hisahoshi
Yes , a sequel. I can't just leave everybody hanging when my oneshots were actually getting a fairly awesome amount of reads! Plus, I have even MORE ideas! I can't wait...
A Skele-Ton of Problems (Papyrus/Sans AUS x Reader) by PikaPony
A Skele-Ton of Problems (Papyrus/S...by PikaPony
It was your normal, average day. You were staying at a friend's place while she was away on some adventure in Europe. Next thing you know, some uninvited guests show up...
●~My Prisoner~● [UF!Papyrus x Fem!Reader] by xxAstrixZxx
●~My Prisoner~● [UF!Papyrus x Fem...by xxAstrixZxx
[Completed] [[Lemon and Swear Warning]] [2019 Jan Note: This book dates back to 2017, where my grammar and spelling checks weren't efficient due to me being lazy. So I a...