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Friends Meeting Enemies by AngelGold238
Friends Meeting Enemiesby Angel Gold
What if there was a multiverse where Error and Ink were friends? What if the voices were the creators? What if they went to the Fgod multiverse because the voices were b...
An Unexpected Surprise |Inkmare|  by keshlovesick
An Unexpected Surprise |Inkmare| by keshlovesick
Ink x Nightmare A few nights of lust lead to an unexpected surprise, the two left with a choice, love or lust. However, with a dangerous threat rising, can night save In...
Remade as a Sans/☝︎♋︎❍︎♏︎❒︎ by Truenote
Remade as a Sans/☝︎♋︎❍︎♏︎❒︎by Truenote
Matt was a regular person who was a big fan of Undertale and its fangames. One day, he dies because of a person accidently knocking him off a mountain while he was hikin...
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanfic by Squid_1928
I Found You My Dear Inkmare fanficby Squid
When Ink is exploring the au's, he stumbles upon an au where he meets a new friend named Nightmare. Nightmare and Ink gets close and Nightmare explains how the villagers...
Digital or Abstract? (Ink!Sans x Wolf!reader x Error!Sans) by WolfDawn444
Digital or Abstract? (Ink!Sans x WolfDawn444
Y/n, a lone wolf shifter that takes the form of a wolf, survives on the streets of a dismal city. Being found and captured, she is mistaken for a dog and is thrown into...
Pirate's Love by lilymcdonalds
Pirate's Loveby lilymcdonalds
Cross was tired of it. Living like a royal guard. Anyone else would've been ecstatic , but cross hated it. He wanted nothing more than to leave, and one night he did jus...
Lil Reader X AU! Sans, Chara, and Frisk by Tami-The-Writer
Lil Reader X AU! Sans, Chara, Tami-The-Writer
Your names (Y/N). Your an adult, well, not until you landed in a white void. You were now a cute smol child. Seriously your shorter than Sans and Frisk. Jesus Let's s...
A Ruined Heart (Temporary Hiatus) by Shadowolfie2008
A Ruined Heart (Temporary Hiatus)by Shadow Wofie
3 years... There's been a truce for 3 years. Dream enjoys the fact that his friends a happy. But Dream is Depressed because no one likes him for him, people just like hi...
San au's fall for fresh sans!?  by KarmaAkabane425
San au's fall for fresh sans!? by Karma Akabane
What if something happened to everyone except About three and it made their emotions more..entense and made them like yanderes? What if the one of the three that wasn't...
my chaotic moron (inkmare) by naamacross
my chaotic moron (inkmare)by NGQueen
Nightmare had kidnapped Ink in order to complete his malicious plan of killing his brother, little does he knows, that the world has other plans for these two. cover mad...
Of Soulmates and Bonds - Errorink by lisetta888
Of Soulmates and Bonds - Errorinkby lisetta888
TECHNICAL ISSUE, PLEASE READ: THE FIRST CHAPTER IS NOT THE ACTUAL FIRST CHAPTER. A glitch has scrambled the order of the chapters; I don't know if it's problem for every...
A negative cat and positive cat in dreamswap...what could go wrong? by Ludyverse
A negative cat and positive cat Ludyverse
the multiverse was collapsing... error is dead ink coulnt stop creating...fate is desperate to fix this.. me and dream where dusting... 'is this the end...?' "b-bro...
Together Through Out Time and Space by CrimsonOrRetry
Together Through Out Time and Spaceby Crimson/Retry
TTOTAS is a book about Ink and Error Travelling Through different stories of themselves, Friends and enemies, they will form a close bond and laugh together, and who kno...
reborn as ink sans but in Fgod au by nightsimp23
reborn as ink sans but in Fgod auby nightmare sans simp
(hello moonlighs so that's my first story and there will probably be some mistake as eng isn't my first language ) alll ----- could remember was that he was in a hospita...
Do You Get It? by antisocialworm13
Do You Get It?by antisocialworm13
"This is how it came to be. And now I can finally show you." I say to...myself? "Error, there is no time for this!" Ink screams at me. It's weird bei...
the unamused captive by Fandomfrenzy625
the unamused captiveby Fandomfrenzy625
being pulled away from your home while your simply enjoying some alone time can be annoying and to make it worse you have no say in the matter as 2 teams keep throwing...
Derivations of L.O.V.E. by Aliciamyre
Derivations of Aliciamyre
In this world, when Error leaped off the edge, he took Ink with him. (Cover art and any story art is mine)
Spilled Ink{ON HOLD} by EclipsedSkies
Spilled Ink{ON HOLD}by Eclipsed Skies
Ink is tired of trying to balance everything, trying to hide his condition in the process. Fate treats him as nothing more then a puppet and doesn't show Ink any mercy...
Last Hope (Fgod Error) by Dont-Mind_Meh
Last Hope (Fgod Error)by ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ
What if Error's allies turn their back on him when he needed him the most? What if his DESTINY wasn't to fall to the void, nor his FATE to suffer? KARMA is coming to th...
The Fallen Star sanses by Starofender
The Fallen Star sansesby starofender
so, in the middle of a fight dream drops to his knees in pain, nothing hit him, he screams "code black". the bad guys go back to base confused I know I'm terri...