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High school Troubles (an Undertale Sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
High school Troubles (an Undertale...by Crossmare
This is an Undertale book! High school's tough for everyone. Everyone has something they hate or dislike about it. We all face problems and have our good and bad days...
Not as innocent as you think  (Dustberry) -COMPLETED- by Shipperfangirl13
Not as innocent as you think (Dus...by 💜I-ship-IT!💜
Blue is a teenager and has a secret he isn't as innocent as everyone thinks when dust comes in blues life blue did everything he could to make sure no one stole his dust...
Yanderes : A Multiship Sanscest Book by Itz_NightLight
Yanderes : A Multiship Sanscest Bo...by ༒︎Itz_Nova༒︎
Collab with @TheKawaiiShipperHB23 (My sister-) This wasn't actually supposed to be a book- This actually started out as a Roleplay with my sister- But here we are! ⚠️War...
Opposites Attracts -DustBerry by CrossTheBerry
Opposites Attracts -DustBerryby Cross The Berry
I'm not good with descriptions so I'm not going to write one. Maybe there will be lemon (that's a maybe) Also the pic above does not belongs to me, it belongs to ryanthe...
30 day OTP challenge(Killermare/Nightkiller) by EAT_POTATOES
30 day OTP challenge(Killermare/Ni...by POTATO GIRL!!!
Nightmare and Killer are forced to do a series of challenges for the following 30 days. If they do not complete one a worse challenge will appear and if they do not comp...
A shimmer on the horizon (Sancest multiship) [HIATUS] by Roxine69
A shimmer on the horizon (Sancest...by European potato
(1st book) Once the world went down. The sea destroyed everything the humans and monsterkind knew so far. Many centuries after that, a pirate group made of monsters app...
What A Lovely Day.. - [Errorink] [Sanscest] by LucidSans
What A Lovely Day.. - [Errorink] [...by ,,UwU,,
This story contains: - Self harm - some 16+/18+ [I'll put warnings] - Curse words - The LGBTQ+ Most of the characters can be a girl and boy (It's because people see peo...
When i Met you- ( Horrorlust love story ) by RoseinGoldenFields
When i Met you- ( Horrorlust love...by □︎🕿︎🖂︎◻︎▽◻︎🖂︎✆︎□︎
What Happens When a Cannibalistic Boi meets and Perverted Skeleton that is Judged by His Own Au? Will these Two Hit it Off or Have Problems... (Look for this Quote in th...
Sanscest One-Shots by NightDragon574
Sanscest One-Shotsby NightDragon574
First book One-Shots for any ships. Will do anything request, including •Angst •Fluff •Lemons May make into full books if wanted. All characters belong to original creat...
Deal between destruction and creation (errorink) - Fin by tsst210inky
Deal between destruction and creat...by tsst
Picture doesn't belong to me! Oof how many ideas of errorink books do i have lol xD Oke here the warning ⚠ this book will be UNHOLY Also ink will be called a sult for a...
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A Tiny Error by Doryzitter
A Tiny Errorby Doryzitter
Error has gone through multiple hells since the day he woke up in the Anti-Void. Sci and Blueberry still believe in him, but that's little consolation when he faces a br...
Bride of Nightmare by Sona-Lover
Bride of Nightmareby Sona-Lover
Quick explain, I read alot of Bride of... someone books, like Bride of dust sans. favorite by the way. to Explain probably no one knows who Nightmare is but Dream. The r...
My Imaginary Friend by Undertalemaniac14
My Imaginary Friendby Undertalemaniac14
"I'm not alone. I have my imaginary friends." After Blue and Papyrus visited their parents' grave, Blue starts to see a figure, seemingly staring at him, and g...
Old Mansion (a Sanscest story) by Lazy_alien_cat
Old Mansion (a Sanscest story)by Izzy
Looking for a creepy place to play games, Nightmare brought his friends to an abandoned mansion, ignoring the rumors about it being haunted. It didn't take long before w...
DustBerry Bitch (rewrite) by TR1NS_NI3K
DustBerry Bitch (rewrite)by fanfic lover_ NI3K
DustBerry fanfic (Dust gets turned on toooooo easily) also includes ErrorMare, Cream, HorrorLust, InkFresh. And some of my oc's
Bloody Love~ (HorrorLust) by _QuartzCrysta_
Bloody Love~ (HorrorLust)by Quartzite
Lust, the Sans that everybody hates, is sick and tired of his AU. He wants to try something new but, what is that 'new'? He went through a portal and ended up in a blood...
Dustberry (Yeet) *Discontinued* by KillMePlease111
Dustberry (Yeet) *Discontinued*by EdibleChildren
*insert good description here* Also, Dust and Blueberry belong to their rightful owners
The Highschool Prince in goopy armor (ft. his dumbass friends) by SnowDoingSnowThings
The Highschool Prince in goopy arm...by StupidChild
There are many things Nightmare hates. People who use him or his brother, people who think they're better than him, Cross's father- the list goes on. School surprisingly...
One shots~~~multiship by MochiiMoshi
One shots~~~multishipby ~Mochi Mochi~
This is a one shots book that have fluff, some sad and some lemon. Request will be opened. ^w^
Sancest one shots (Requests closed because chapter limit is a thing~) by Karta3
Sancest one shots (Requests closed...by Karta3
Yeah I'm doing this now. If you want more info go to the first chapter there will be some rules like how to request. Okay? Okay. Let's go! (Cover by: idk the artist) (No...