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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Illusions With Restricted Eyes by XpancakesBeconX
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Illusions With XpancakesBeconX
Y/n is an average boy who, like everyone else, loves dueling. And is best friends with none other than Yuma Tsukumo. But unlike Yuma, Y/n doesn't actually duel. Since he...
locked up | billie eilish by 888billieout
locked up | billie eilishby 888billieout
⚠️ blake~g!p / sub billie ⚠️ 21 year old, blake miller, has to look out for a blue haired girl who just got admitted to the jail she works at...
Barian Emperor Male Reader Oc x Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V [REMAKE] by DeadFizh08
Barian Emperor Male Reader Oc x DeadFizh08
Hi! My name is Y/n L/n, I am 15 years old boy who loves Yu-Gi-Oh! I died in an accident there I meet God and he gave me the wish to be reincarnation in a world that I ch...
The Meg (Jonas x Y/N) by sognatadocchiaperti
The Meg (Jonas x Y/N)by sognatadocchiaperti
I do NOT own anything from The Meg, this is only a fanfic. I have added Y/Ns character and changed the manuscript a little and added parts to fit my version of the stor...
Monstrous Love by Kenzie17
Monstrous Loveby L O U L O U
[CLEAN VERSION] Do you fantasize about monsters? How about a monster boyfriend? Or just a little fling? Well, say no more! Find a no good temptation in this book of tera...
My Wife Is The Villain Shark King by LiannQ
My Wife Is The Villain Shark Kingby LiannQ
Title: 我的老婆是反派鲛皇 Author: Chengli Siyang (长乐思央) Status: 76 Chapters (Completed) Description: Jiang Chaosheng has passed through a book, where the hero is the reborn princ...
B.E Smut/Imagines/Preferences by billiestxkies
B.E Smut/Imagines/Preferencesby billiestxkies
billie is a bottom in this message and comment requests #1 in shark #21 in fan #10 in subbillie #13 in claudia
Yugioh ZEXAL: Bonds of Hope by Kenon96
Yugioh ZEXAL: Bonds of Hopeby Kenon96
Basically the Zexal anime. However, my oc will duel some of Yuma's duels instead. There will be a few other significant changes. Still I hope that this story will be enj...
Catfished by b1ll1e3ilish
Catfishedby b1ll1e3ilish
Billie eilish is growing rapidly fast in popularity however doesnt have time to explore her sexuality while she was infamous. The fandom she has created has always quest...
The Meg Film x reader (Jonas x reader) by FandomQuack
The Meg Film x reader (Jonas x FandomQuack
(Y/N) was deemed crazy, along with her friend Jonas, after a deep sea rescue mission. Even her closest friends and family turned their backs on her. She knew something w...
Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenarios by metanoiaphic
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal boyfriend scenariosby metanoiaphic
A collection of scenarios and headcannons for Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Guys and gals.
In Love with a Criminal ~ The Bad Guys (Mr. Wolf x Fem! Animal! Reader by 4804294519R
In Love with a Criminal ~ The KayKay2432💙
Since the movie is about to come out, I've decided to published an x reader with one of my favorite childhood books. You were a famously known for...something that you l...
King of Lightning (Yugioh Zexal x male reader insert) by dragonhunter106
King of Lightning (Yugioh Zexal dragonhunter106
Hi everyone! person reading this. I Just wanted to firstly thank you for deciding to read this, and secondly I wanted to explain a couple things First: This is...
Shark's Awakening by GoldDriveFanNumber1
Shark's Awakeningby GoldDriveFanNumber1
Y/N L/N is wandering dragon, biding his time in Ylisse and capturing various Plegian brigands in exchange for reward. During one of his adventures, he meets Ylissian pri...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of the Shark by SharkKnight32
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of SharkKnight32
Reginald Kessler was just a normal Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans before he got transported into Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as reincarnation of Ryoga Kamishiro/Shark. With Nash's guidance, and the...
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Children of Eclipse by UbaLala9
Children of Eclipseby UbaLala9
The Star blows up in Eclipse's face with unexpected consequences
Drowned by Reptilequeen
Drownedby Reptilequeen
Mira has a month to rest before returning to her next semester. During that month, she was trying her best to be free from everything that led up to the moment. However...
Myla & The Bad Guy's (Mr. Wolf x OC)  by Kylie7680
Myla & The Bad Guy's (Mr. Wolf x Kylie7680
A young woman named Myla, or also known as; Night Wielder, roams the streets of Los Angeles as a lone bad guy and pickpocket. She's a minor known criminal who's good in...
❛ Εκ λόγου άλλος εκβαίνει λόγος. Ουδέν κακόν αμιγές καλού. ❜ ↳ . . . # villain gawr gura child reader insert. 🔱