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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Book 1: A Chance in Life (Completed) by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Book 1: A Chance Tina_Cun
An orphan living all alone by herself with no memories of her past. What if she met Yuma and his friends? All her life she learned that she can only depend on herself. A...
  • wattys2018
  • romance
  • faker
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Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
  • merfolk
  • engagement
  • material
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Ethan dolan imagines by eteeweeteexo8
Ethan dolan imaginesby Kaylee
just imagines that you and I probably had about Ethan ALSO TAKING REQUEST SO COMMENT YOUR NAME AND WHAT YOU WANT
  • ethandolan
  • shark
  • kid
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Book by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal/Arc V One Shot Bookby Tina_Cun
Hi guys! I haven't done much in my Arc V book so why not combine it with my Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal one? Great idea right? Anyway, request and I'll be on my way!
  • xreader
  • ruri
  • astral
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Sea of death by Pokem1234
Sea of deathby Pokem1234
(Bnha AU fish Death) izuku unlocked his quirk it's quirk that's kinda villain quirk where he can make skeleton sea animals And he was feared because of his quirk
  • villain
  • emotionless
  • smart
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Yugioh One Shots (Completed For Now) by blue_castielle
Yugioh One Shots (Completed For blue_castielle
The title explains it
  • yami
  • kite
  • varis
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youtuber lemons by serenityball
youtuber lemonsby rainbowEclipse
this is of all my fav youtubers but sin verisons. rules;boyxboy,girlxgirl,no boyxgirl or youtuberxoc.
  • lucasspike
  • favremysabre
  • rainbowsteve
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Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Reader (Completed) by TinaCun
Yugioh Zexal One Shots x Reader ( Tina_Cun
Hi, this is my first one shot books. I'm a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal. If you want request then go ahead. Request any characters from Yugioh Zexal and let me know that yo...
  • rio
  • trey
  • shark
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Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x Reader (Completed) by TinaCun
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal One Shots x Tina_Cun
Hi, next one shot after my other one! Hope the last part wasn't too sad, anyway here's a new one so hope you enjoy! A/N: Some of these parts aren't mine so full credit t...
  • shark
  • trey
  • rio
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Klance-Baby AU- by Beta_Kogane
Klance-Baby AU-by ─ ✿❁✿ ─
Lance wakes up to find a baby Keith in his bed! Keith wakes up to find a baby lance in his bed! pidge is trying to find out what happened and why they found 'them selfs'...
  • fruit
  • lance
  • keith
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Rosy Skies (Otayuri) by Joelsweet
Rosy Skies (Otayuri)by KJ
When Prince Yuri goes down from his mountain home to the ocean as a coming-of-age ritual, he rescues a merman from a pair of poachers. As time passes, he finds that he c...
  • mermaid
  • death
  • longhair
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Oyakawa by ThakifIman
Oyakawaby Thakif Iman
Kisah seorang Harris Oyakawa mencari cinta hati. Kisah seorang budak lelaki 21 tahun cuba mengenal erti , apa itu menjadi remaja yang sopan dan remaja yang bertatasusila...
  • remaja
  • shark
  • boyxboy
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My boyfriend turned into a shark*On Editing* by Ghoul_Kitsune
My boyfriend turned into a shark* Ghoul_Kitsune
Do not copy my character all rights are reserved to me. Nobody is allowed to use my characters!
  • love
  • random
  • funny
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Book 1. Changes for good or worse?! A Yugioh Zexal story. by Lumaking7
Book 1. Changes for good or Lumaking7
It's about a homeless girl who get's her life changed dramatically, when she meets Yuma and the gang! She is gonna have adventures, surprises, and even friends and famil...
  • mist
  • kite
  • fanfiction
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I am the King, Right? by cheesydancer
I am the King, Right?by cheesydancer
Michael Zanaya was crowned king of Arsom when he was only four. His father recently died of cancer and his mother disappeared when he was little. 13 years later, how ca...
  • snake
  • eye
  • evidence
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Born With Different Colored Eyes by Aqua-Primarina
Born With Different Colored Eyesby Aqua Primarina
Enjoy the story
  • 5ds
  • zexal
  • crossover
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[Yugioh Zexal ] Yuma secret form by VictorMacatangay
[Yugioh Zexal ] Yuma secret formby Dark Rose
Everything was back to normal when the last battle of the barren world, but one thing happens when Yuma been acting weird and his friends notice it, when they out found...
  • shark
  • zexal
  • darkness
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The Girl and the Shark by Chimera98
The Girl and the Sharkby DilEmma
Ember Baine leads a normal life, in a normal Florida town, and likes it that way. Daughter to the Chief of the Police Department, an only child with a one and only inter...
  • mystery
  • merman
  • merfolk
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OCEAN BLUE by ericdabbs
A cold adrenaline rush... The chill of death... Book 1 in the Sea Lab Series. The world's coral reefs hold a delicate balance of complex and diverse marine life...until...
  • adventure
  • ships
  • romance
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Collage Life by TheCookster2
Collage Lifeby Cookie Da' Queen~
Hi guys! This is a new book, and I am collaborating with kaileebear7 on this. I will do all the odd number chapters in this book, and she will then do the even number ch...
  • romance
  • bluebow
  • bluesteve
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