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Undertale Oneshots yAyA by Solaire14911
Undertale Oneshots yAyAby Marshmallow Matey
Simply little stories I thought up of that don't have enough detail to become books of their own. If you want to use anything in this book as ideas(I would cry if someon...
Crossmare Oneshots by NightzSky
Crossmare Oneshotsby Duckie
Random scenarios and stories of sanscest ships. Some happy, some sad. Some long, some short. Nothing is perfect, nothing is complete. They come, they go. I'll try to gra...
Crossmare Oneshots - (Requests Open) by Adrienne_Lasagna
Crossmare Oneshots - (Requests Adrienne Lasagna
Read this, or I'll start shipping Cream. ------------------------------------------------ Cross and Nightmare were both made by Jokublog. ...
My Friend Over the Phone by Solaire14911
My Friend Over the Phoneby Marshmallow Matey
When Nightmare finally tries to mend his broken relationship with his brother Dream, he accidentally misdials a newfound, given unknown, friend. (Quick notice: When I fi...
☆ Sancest Oneshots ☆ by Omlifes
☆ Sancest Oneshots ☆by left already.
Hello! I'm writing oneshots now >:3 I'm a multishipper sO GO AHEAD AND REQUEST ANY TYPE OF SHIP! GIMME ALL THE SHIPS AND MAYBE A SCENARIO- Also, I can't write lemons...
Nekos (an Undertale Sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Nekos (an Undertale Sanscest story)by Crossmare
Dear, Nightmare, Cross, Error, Dust, Horror, Killer, Lust, Reaper, Geno, Ink, Dream, Blue Hey guys, It's me...Sci, So uh, I've just discovered something really cool. And...
Criminal Boundaries (An Undertale Sanscest Story)  by __Purple_Fluffball__
Criminal Boundaries (An Crossmare
Sequel to Criminal Conflict! It had been nine years since the criminal gang last met up and did anything illegal. They'd planned on never really seeing each other again...
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Fanfiction)  by __Purple_Fluffball__
Apocalyptic Love (A Crossmare Crossmare
They first came as individuals, people caught up in the Nuclear blast of Craitown. But people soon realised that the infected numbers were increasing. Cities were swarme...
Crossmare Oneshots by Kid-Knees
Crossmare Oneshotsby Kid-Knees
I live and breath fucking crossmare Request anything that isn't crossmare and I will take your knees :] ---- Anyway there is super slow updates cuz I'm a master procrast...
Loyal Servant (CrossMare) by AppleBloomer1
Loyal Servant (CrossMare)by Im Applebloom. Deal with it h...
Cross was a loyal servant to Nightmare, even proving he would give his life to save his king. Nightmare had plenty of secrets hidden within himself. Until a small fit o...
Sanscest  ~oneshots~ (slow updates)  by superkecks
Sanscest ~oneshots~ (slow superkecks
I think the title says it all. You can make requests if you want. Just write them in the comments or write me a private message. Have fun!~
A Truce Old Friend?(Error x Ink) by Enderwolf_22
A Truce Old Friend?(Error x Ink)by JustSumTrash
(Might make a rewritten version of this story since I'm not too proud of it. If you're reading this note, leave a comment on one of the chapters if you'd want me to writ...
Love in our own way [Error x Ink & Multiship] by lets_hyperfixate
Love in our own way [Error x JD
Nightmares gang were at his mansion chilling out when they hear three loud bangs at the door, they opened the door to find the star sans', lead by Ink, in floods of tear...
.•CrossMare One-Shots•. by XxAfter_lifexX
.•CrossMare One-Shots•.by CrossmareIntensifies
Requests are temporarily closed! Sorry!
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Nightmare x Child! Reader) by Naara_No_Sabaku
Moonlight Princess (Empireverse Kawaii Potato Queen
"What do you think?" "This is all mine?" "Well of course it is, you are my little princess now" ... "Now presenting your new queen!&qu...
A Mortal's Touch (A Killer x Dream Fanfiction)  by __Purple_Fluffball__
A Mortal's Touch (A Killer x Crossmare
For millennia, rules had been set down in concrete for gods and mortals; -No God should ever make contact with a mortal -Bringing mortals to the immortal realm is forbi...
Incorrect Dreamswap Quotes by InkyBerryChan
Incorrect Dreamswap Quotesby Entitie Missing
I was bored and I had ideas so....yea. Ships - Drink, Crossmare, Errorberry (obviously dreamswap btw)
Crossmare Oneshots ( D I S C O N T I N U E D) by RandomGrayCatt
Crossmare Oneshots ( D I S C O N Cattato
Oneshots of my favorite OTP. Request on first page. Fluff, Angst, and maybe Lemons if I'm in the mood. Requests on first page.
Hidden Identity(Piratetale Crossmare) by _QuartzCrysta_
Hidden Identity(Piratetale Quartzite
Cross, a so called Blacksmith in a little town called Serville, he is quite popular there. Many people ask him to forge so many items. He's well loved by royal as well...