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Below Starlight-Errink by NireneMitsurgi
Below Starlight-Errinkby Everest-Chan
Ink and Error fall into depression, but try to hide it from each other. Their destinies fall..into the hands of the God of Destiny herself...and Fate. The Action and Dra...
  • depression
  • errorsans
  • starsanses
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He Changed (Error x AU Sanses) by LonelyFujoshi3984
He Changed (Error x AU Sanses)by FlilyOtaku
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Error was a victim of no touch torture. Living in the Anti-void made him lose his sanity. Those crazed voices screaming at him, making him do...
  • gradient
  • destroyer
  • fanfiction
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Baby Cross by crossy07
Baby Crossby crossy07
This is an Story about an Skeleton That became an Baby. The Star Sanses have to take care of Cross. The mostly and acted like a mother to Cross is Dream. Ink still don't...
  • cream
  • badsanses
  • undertaleaus
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Affection Faded Blue - Inking Love sequel  by Pidge_UT_3
Affection Faded Blue - Inking The gender god
Ink x Error May or not contain side ships, mature language, etc. {WARNING: IMMENSE CRINGE} Highest rank: #68 in dream, #81 in undertale
  • sequel
  • undertale
  • sans
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Fooling Heavens Gates [CrossMare Book] by OreoSenpaiIi
Fooling Heavens Gates [CrossMare CrossMare Is My Drug
Cross is an angel with small ish wings One day he meets another skeleton named Killer how was a new angel. But one day something happened...
  • nightcross
  • love
  • crossmare
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《 My Little Glitch~ 》 by KathIsBeingWeird
《 My Little Glitch~ 》by Wants To Commit Unlive
Error decided to sleep in the anti-void after he fought alot of Sanses Next thing he knows he turns into a girl and sanses start falling for him This that takes events...
  • starsanses
  • badsanses
  • theforceddestroyer
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Sancest lemons by bluemoon_demon
Sancest lemonsby ~Chocaholic~
First book on Wattpad Probable swearing but since you're reading this kind of story you should be fine. If your an innocent child don't read this but if not then enjoy!
  • lemons
  • undertale
  • sancest
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Villain Sans X Reader X Star Sanses X Classic Sans (On Pause) by Star_the_shattered_1
Villain Sans X Reader X Star Star hood
You had a normal nice life People saw you as a kind polite person You are quite a Nice girl Soon you find your in a different place then a castle With multiple skeleton...
  • sans
  • cross
  • starsanses
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Why Do You Want Me? [NIGHTKILLER]  by _Nics23_
Why Do You Want Me? [NIGHTKILLER] by i hate my life
".. Night.. Why do you want me?" Killer asked consciously. ".. Killer, you know, falling in love is pretty hard, soo.. I had to help myself. You are not s...
  • killersans
  • nightmare
  • fellsans
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AU sans x Ghoul! Reader {I'm more than a human} by Ms_Otaku_Girl
AU sans x Ghoul! Reader {I'm !!POTATO GIRL!!
♡>>>Lovely cover by: @Hisayashi<<<♡ ghouls has been spotted among the city, all citizen has they're guard up. The Government are trying to find a way t...
  • ghoulreader
  • classicsans
  • error
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Tall Tales - An Ink Sans x Reader Story by PotatoTheChip
Tall Tales - An Ink Sans x w o a h
Orphaned. Left alone, the definition of it. Like a fantasy, or a dream, saved by a being willing enough to take you under their wing and keep you safe. With secrets to b...
  • inkxreader
  • xreader
  • undertale
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Errors can be corrected by Wolfpsycho101
Errors can be correctedby Cross-Chan (I consider myself...
Ink is the flirty one in the relationship and Error is not so Dom Ink x Sub Error 😐😓 k ....... ok NO SIN JUST LOTS OF FLUFF Warning: Self harm, suicidal thoughts, ga...
  • geno
  • crossmare
  • afterdeath
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I WON'T leave! [Yandere!Dream x Reader] by Fandomz_Fangirl
I WON'T leave! [Yandere!Dream x Evangeline Hisahoshi
You were a creation of Ink's newest AU. You meet him and his friends when they come for a visit to relax themselves. They fall in love with you at first sight, but you h...
  • yanderesans
  • readerinsert
  • femalereader
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The shapeshifter protector (Ink X Reader X Error) by Luna_StarEclipse
The shapeshifter protector (Ink Lana Appleton-Cudworth
Y/N is the only one of her kind in the multiverse, she lives in the universe known as Underswap, she fell down the mountain after her 13th birthday when she found out ab...
  • corefrisk
  • omegatimeline
  • asgore
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《Working In A School》- Discontinued- by KathIsBeingWeird
《Working In A School》- Wants To Commit Unlive
Error was about to jump in the void while spade and Ink Dream Blueberry Nightmare and his crew tried to stop him, instead they all fell in the void with error. Inspired...
  • killersans
  • error
  • nerdandjockau
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Paperjam Shipping RP book by SailorNinja18
Paperjam Shipping RP bookby SailorNinja18
1. Sin is allowed 2. don't be rude 3. have fun
  • nightiller
  • errorink
  • fell
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Star sanses on crack by MrsStabby
Star sanses on crackby MrsStabby
I don't even know what I'm doing - EnJoY iM sOrRy-
  • bluesans
  • dreamsans
  • errorink
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A Tiny Problem/ A Chance To Change by Lost_Boy_1
A Tiny Problem/ A Chance To Changeby Mr. Powder
the star sanses was back, fighting nightmares crew, when dream suddenly finds a sulotion, and get nightmare back to his passive form ...but something...isn't right about...
  • dream
  • undertaleaus
  • blue
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Sweet But Psycho by unicornpotter12
Sweet But Psychoby Potato Of Chaos
Something is wrong with Blue. Something bad. Blue panics and the Star Sanses leave mid-battle. The Bad Sanses are confused, but shrug it off. What happens when whatever...
  • cringe
  • knife
  • dustberry
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My Baby Blue (DustBerry) (HELLA BAD AND OLD) by _dusttale_sans_
My Baby Blue (DustBerry) (HELLA Grape Spit Juice
Another one gone and yet i feel nothing. 2 more left. I killed paps, undyne, alphys, basicly everyone. The remaining two i haven't picked off yet are just miscellaneous...
  • wattpad2018story
  • dustberry
  • blue
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