Don't Forget Us by LennyFaceOWO
Don't Forget Usby LennyFaceOWO
Cross has amnesia and can't remember anything but his old AU and Chara. (Not in story) When Nightmare found out Cross didn't remember anything, he was devastated. (It ma...
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  • undertaleau
  • sanscest
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Pirates (A Crossmare fanficton) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Pirates (A Crossmare fanficton)by ___Wueen_Jess___
This is for the Crossmare anniversary 3rd July :3 Long ago an ancient chest containing all the gems and riches was kept under lock and key at the palace of the royals...
  • nightcross
  • crightmoss
  • nightmare
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Saved By the Cross Boys  by RenGoesRawr
Saved By the Cross Boys by Ren
Lost. Alone. And Scared. That's how Lily felt. Left with no home, and no relatives, she has lived in the streets. Soon, she is found by a pair of boys th...
  • wattys2018
  • trauma
  • cross
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Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 3 by FriendlyCurse223
Ask/Dare Undertale AU's 3by FriendlyCurse223
We're back with the third book! Thank you all so much for the support! As the title says, you can ask and dare the Sanses and me, and the other various characters we fou...
  • cross
  • blueberry
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☆▪『 CHOCOLATES || Cross!Sans' M/Bs [Pt.3] 』▪☆ by X-CrossSans-X
☆▪『 CHOCOLATES || Cross!Sans' M/ ☆ˢᵁᴿᴾᴿᴵˢᴱ!☆‌
Title says it all! Highest rank on Mbs: #1 And Highest rank on CrossSans: #1
  • crosschara
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  • undertale
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Messed Up Love (Maid Cross X Lord Nightmare) by LJLabasan
Messed Up Love (Maid Cross X Nightmare
I am a real fan of Nightcross, Crossmare, Crightmoss so I made my own version. In this version, Nightmare is the king of Dreamtale, well, most of it. Dream ruled only th...
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Whiskers by TheoryKierei
Whiskersby TheoryKierei
Book 4 of the Cross-Shifter Series. Can be read as a stand-alone but might be confusing at the beginning for a bit.) Being captive for years has soured Palace's outlook...
  • lion
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UnderSin by Sin_Squad69
UnderSinby Sin_Squad69
This is a sin book if you don't like then don't read. The last one got deleted some how so I'm making a new one
  • sans
  • drink
  • aus
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Nerd and Jock X Female Reader by LovingBlueberry7
Nerd and Jock X Female Readerby Ruby Blue
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you've been homeschooled by your overprotective parents and twin brothers because... Reasons. Now you made your parents to promise you you'l...
  • cross
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The Nightmare's Glitch ( OHULLODER
Error and Nightmare have crossed paths after a battle-@&(&/@-"",@:@-"-"@;@/-@@/@;@/-&2828828@YOU ALL BELONG TO ME-@@:&/&@-",@-@-@@;@/""...
  • error
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NaJ "Teachers Of Romance" [NaJ!AU sanses!Faculty x reader] by XxFranzcineAngelaxX
NaJ "Teachers Of Romance" [NaJ! Franzcine Southeast
Teaching in a school your bestfriend is teaching at. During days teaching at the so called 'Underhigh' things start to change. Your friends start to forget about you. Yo...
  • ink
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  • romance
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For a Nightmare, He's not that Scary by RevoltingNightmares
For a Nightmare, He's not that Gods Cornflake
When a reformed Nightmare Sans crosses paths with an old enemy... Will they stay rivals, or become more...? ((In progress))
  • dreamtale
  • dreamsans
  • dream
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My Dream Come True [Cream Fanfiction] by NekoKawaiiBerry
My Dream Come True [Cream Neko-San!
[Highest Ranking: #1 in Cross X Dream] Cross, a loyal "companion" of Nightmare. Dream, the sibling of Nightmare and the Guardian of Positive Sentiments. The tw...
  • cross
  • dreamxcross
  • undertaleau
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The Bloody Promise by zerolover713
The Bloody Promiseby zerolover713
One day, a girl named Rose Belcourt enters Cross Academy and assumes the role of a guardian with Yuki and Zero. Although she may seem normal, there is something mysterio...
  • acedimy
  • vampire
  • yuki
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Crimson Wings ⚔️ Vampire Knight by Ashlyn_Hart
Crimson Wings ⚔️ Vampire Knightby Rapunzel
Fifteen years ago a day after Christmas, a child was born. She was a hybrid, a hybrid that was never meant to exist until fate pulled two people together that one night...
  • cross
  • supernatural
  • romance
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Let Me Help You - Zero Kiryu by Nayru-Kasai
Let Me Help You - Zero Kiryuby Nayru Kasai
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Vampire knight, the original plot, characters, locations or some of the quotes featured in this story. However this is my fanfiction and as such...
  • fluff
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  • hanabusa
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Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED) by eoraiv
Vampire Knight; Brave (COMPLETED)by 安娜
"Excuse me?" "You heard me. I suppose you don't remember this but I'll tell you a little story," She cleared her throat, "Once upon a time there...
  • romance
  • vampire
  • zero
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♥~• A Competition •~♥ [Highschool Au Sans X Fem!Reader][EDITING] by GasraGlaucus
♥~• A Competition •~♥ [ Gaz
Your Y/N Wing Dings the younger daughter of W.D Gaster.... Gaster!Sans or G Wing Ding your elder brother... Summer is almost over.. Your Father enrolled you to a school...
  • nightmare
  • coacherror
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Love In A New Way (Cross Chara x Female Reader) (Finished) by Xx__Lunar-san__xX
Love In A New Way (Cross Chara x Eri
so I decided to make a cross Chara one anyways let's get started )) (Y/n) Was a young girl who was taught that No one mattered in the world even if she was a good child...
  • cross
  • 14yr
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Blood Wish (Vampire Knight) by ZoBug3
Blood Wish (Vampire Knight)by ✭ Zo ✭
"Tell me what you wish for. Let me hear what your heart is desiring the most." "I wish to know your secrets, no matter how ugly they are." "That...
  • kiryu
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