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Our miracle [ Gang Bts X Child reader ] by Anime_lover_book100
Our miracle [ Gang Bts X Child D A L I S S S S♥︎
Bangtan,famous gang in Seoul.They kidnap the richest man in Seoul children,What adventures brings them.. /GANG AU/
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That Kid... || BTS by MoonieMelon
That Kid... || BTSby 𝑴𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒊
(Y/N) is just a normal 6 year old girl with a strong love for (F/C) crayons and a strong hate for Yang Jeongin. Her cousin, Jungkook and his friend Taehyung, share a sim...
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Big Bro Kachan by Sugrrush
Big Bro Kachanby Sugrrush
Bakugou Katsuki ended up getting himself into a quirk accident that ended up with him being linked to some random child off the street named y/n. They can't be separated...
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Countryhumans x Child!Reader by Icefang11
Countryhumans x Child!Readerby End mii
Cause we need wholesome stuff here For you sinners that think this will be something it's not drink some water I just wanted to write something cute okay I haven't seen...
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Katsuki's New Sibling Life (boku no hero academia x child reader) by Shiyiku_Sprite12
Katsuki's New Sibling Life (boku ShiyikuSprite
Well, we all have our times as an older or younger, if you are an older -or the oldest- sibling, good luck! Though not many have an older or younger sibling, not even Ka...
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Bungou stray dogs ⊱✿⊰  Child reader  ⊱✿⊰ by Hifumi307
Bungou stray dogs ⊱✿⊰ Child ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
She was once lost, but that was until she found them ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ ⊱✿⊰ The description is terrible, but I promise the story will be worthwhile Surprising rankings: #2 in bung...
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AOT x Child! Reader by anime_nerdy_nerd
AOT x Child! Readerby N P
Your a child that used to live outside the walls before a titan ate your parents (Press F). The Survey Corps find you and take you in as their own. Who would you - Y/n L...
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The Last Guardian Of Gallifrey by MightyMidgeet
The Last Guardian Of Gallifreyby MightyMidgeet
The Guardian is a young Time Lord, who is technically still a child, that had to grow up quick due to a rough start on Gallifrey and having very rare abilities the High...
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Please... (Katsuki Bakugo x Sister!reader) by skypie14
Please... (Katsuki Bakugo x Baka!!
The younger sister of Katsuki Bakugo ended up quirkless, Her life changes from good to bad, after months of pain she decided to change herself to be feared instead.
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My Hero! || Katsuki x Child! Reader by UntrendySlave
My Hero! || Katsuki x Child! Readerby Lettuce Girl
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Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader X adoptive mother Cinder) by ChrisReiniger
Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader Shadow Nexus
Good or evil. Life or death. Light or dark. Living or dying. None of those mattered to (y/n). For as long as he could remember he never really felt anything for anyone...
  • cinderfall
  • cinder
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The Baby Fairy (Male child reader X Fairy Tail) by ChrisReiniger
The Baby Fairy (Male child Shadow Nexus
Abandoned, unwanted, unloved...that was all a certain baby knew, until he was saved. Now he has a new and very large family...but will it be more than he can handle?
  • lucy
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  • natsu
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Daddy's Lil Girl (Deadpool x Spiderman x reader) by _holy-water-needed_
Daddy's Lil Girl (Deadpool x _holy-water-needed_
What happens when Deadpool opens his front door to have a one year old standing there and smiling at him? " a kid at my door." I said looking down a...
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Sword Art Online X Child Reader by JacobKrieter
Sword Art Online X Child Readerby Silica1850
Kirito and Asuna began to explore the 22nd floor more once they got married and had Yui for a few days, but what happens when the find young Y/N wandering alone with gea...
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I was just a child (AOT x child!reader) by Forest_Star
I was just a child (AOT x child! 🛀
Y/n lost her family when the colossal titan attacked, being rescued by Levi himself, and being taken care of by the survey corps higher ups, y/n grew most attached to Le...
  • hanji
  • marco
  • xreader
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Criminal Father by KillerPoultry
Criminal Fatherby KillerPoultry
(Delirious x ChildReader) (y/n) lost her mother at a very young age. Her father, Jonathan, has watched over her. Jonathan's past is hidden from (y/n) because he doesn't...
  • bbs
  • h2odelirious
  • iamwildcat
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Family by LastLightAlive
Familyby LadyNebula
((Keep in mind that I wrote this years ago- so the writing is just cringe- but it gets better at the special chapters)) ---------- ((Child!Reader x Father!Optimus Prime)...
  • childreader
  • tfp
  • bulkhead
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Lil Reader X AU! Sans, Chara, and Frisk by Tami-The-Writer
Lil Reader X AU! Sans, Chara, Tami-The-Writer
Your names (Y/N). Your an adult, well, not until you landed in a white void. You were now a cute smol child. Seriously your shorter than Sans and Frisk. Jesus Let's s...
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  • love
  • kawaii
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We'll Protect You!(Eddsworld X Werewolf!Child!Reader) by SpringRue
We'll Protect You!(Eddsworld X SpringRue
(Y/N) (L/N) is 7 years old and a werewolf, well not a pure blood due to her father being a human. Who she grew up without because of an 'accident' that took his life whe...
  • tom
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Connor RK800 x Child!reader by planetcat
Connor RK800 x Child!readerby PlanetCat
After getting semi used to writing with my first book, and having just gotten into Detroit:Become Human, here is another book with everyone's favourite boy Connor. Get r...
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  • detroitbecomehuman
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