Chap. 12

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"You have to dress up for Halloween," Emily informed me. "It's like the rules."

"I don't play by the rules," I informed her. "And would you shut up? I'm trying to concentrate."

"Rude much?"

I flashed her a smile.

"That doesn't make it better. You can't insult someone and then smile at them and expect that to make-"

"You're still talking," I pointed out.

She rolled her eyes, but crossed her right leg over her left, letting out a sigh as she impatiently sat in silence.

I tapped my pencil on the windowsill, trying to concentrate on my Pre-Calculus homework.

That lasted all of 30 seconds.

"Hey Lee?" Parker called, as he and Emmett came back into the hospital room, followed by the nurse.

I let out a frustrated sigh, dropping my pencil down on top of my math.

This was hopeless.

"Isn't it true that pencils were created by mistake?" Parker asked me.


"Pencils," Parker repeated, as the nurse put the brakes on his wheelchair. "They were created by mistake."

"Pretty sure you're thinking of penicillin," I corrected.

Parker looked over at Emmett, who just shrugged.

"What's the difference?" Parker asked me.

"You're being 100% serious right now?" Emily asked him, tilting her head to the side.

He made his way over to his hospital bed, wincing as he sat down. "Maybe."

"This is what I deal with every single day of my life," I informed Emily.

"I'm perfectly well aware," she agreed, with a sigh. "Parker dear, pencils are something that you write with."

"Well I know that," Parker said, flipping his legs up onto the bed.

"And penicillin is an antibiotic," I informed him.

"Oh shit, now I remember," Emmett piped up, looking over at Parker. "That Alex guy discovered it from moldy stuff."

"Oh yeah," Parker agreed. "He grew the shit by accident and then decided to eat it or something?"

I just cannot handle this.

"No," I declined.

"No," Emmett agreed. "No he grew it and then he noticed that like other moldy stuff wasn't growing around it, right?"

"Good job," Emily said, reaching over to pat Emmett on the head.

But she was sitting down, so she couldn't quite reach his head and settled for his arm instead.

"But why would you decide to eat that?" Parker asked.

"It's got to be the concussion talking," Emily said, quietly. "I refuse to believe that I'm dating somebody this incredibly stupid."

"He's been this way his entire life," I informed her. "Concussed or not."

"Because you don't want mold to grow inside of your body," Emmett informed him.

"Oh my God," Emily muttered.

I just laughed to myself, leaning against the window.

"How did you get into college?" Emily asked Parker.

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