McKenna's POV - Chap. 29 Continued

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McKenna's POV

"Are you alright?" Parker asked the waitress, reaching his hand down to her.

Both she and Lee had gone crashing to the floor, whereas Parker had managed to remain on his feet, covered in soda.

My eyes were trained on Lee as he remained on the floor, a stricken expression on his face.

Was he okay?

"I'm so sorry," the waitress apologized, her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. "I'm so, so sorry."

Parker helped himself to a couple of napkins off the table, using them to dab the soda covering his jeans.

I'm not sure that napkins were going to help his case too much.

My eyes shifted back down to Lee, where he still sat on the floor, his palms pressed into the tile on either side of him.

I recognized that position.

Was he going to have a panic attack right here?

I looked over at my parents who were oblivious to Lee, my mom offering Parker more napkins.

"Are you okay though?" my mom asked the waitress, a look of concern on her face.

"I'm fine," she promised, a bit breathlessly.

Parker reached down and helped Lee to his feet. "Lee, do you mind running to the bathroom and getting me some paper towels?"

Parker was much more intuitive than people give him credit for.

"Oh no, let me do that," the oblivious waitress offered.

Parker just smiled. "No, no it's fine. Lee doesn't mind, do you?"

Lee practically sprinted away from the table.

My mom's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"I didn't think so," Parker stated, dropping the wet napkins on the table.

Am I the only one who noticed that Lee didn't even go in the direction of the bathroom?

"Let me get you a refill," the waitress offered.

"Thanks Christa," Parker said, with an easygoing smile.

But I could tell it was slightly forced.

"Well I'm glad you're alright," my mom said, with a sigh. "Both you and Lee. That could've been scary."

Parker just hummed in agreement, looking over his shoulder before looking back at my parents. "I think I'm going to go run my jeans under the hand dryer in the bathroom for a few minutes."

"Good idea," my mom agreed.

He excused himself from the table.

And again, he also didn't go in the direction of the bathroom.

"So what do you guys think so far?" I asked, once Parker was gone.

My parents exchanged glances.

I'm not sure that's a good sign.

"Parker seems nice enough," my mom said, with a tentative smile. "But he's only 19 McKenna."

"Can't you just look past that for a minute? You promised to come here with an open-mind," I reminded her.

"I like him," dad interjected.

Shoutout to my dad for always backing me up.

"You would," mom huffed.

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