Parker's POV

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Parker's POV

I stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed after rinsing the grime off of me from my morning run.

Now that it was officially snowing outside, I had to resort to using the treadmill down in the basement. I hated the monotonous sound of my feet pounding on a machine for multiple miles, but the outside environment didn't give me much of an option.

And it's not like I was just going to alter my daily routine for the sake of the weather.

I shook the excess water from my hair, running a towel through it as I pulled a pair of sweatpants over my boxers.

I headed back into the bedroom, tossing the towel in the corner.

Emily was still sound asleep in the bed, a pillow wrapped firmly in her arms.

I slowly crawled onto my half of the bed, careful not to disturb her sleep as I made my way over to her.

I slowly bent down and kissed her cheek, positioned atop of her as I continued to trail kisses down her jawline and onto her neck.

Emily let out a soft groan, peeking an eye open.

"Good morning princess."

"What are you doing?"

I just continued my trail of kisses down to her exposed collarbone.

"Parker," she groaned.

I love it when she groans my name like that.

I lifted up the bottom of her shirt, trying to overlook the slight outline of her ribs as I continued to kiss her down her abdomen.

She began to giggle, her stomach tightening underneath my lips.

"What are you trying to do to me?" she demanded, as I placed one last kiss on her exposed hip.

I smiled up at her. "Just waking you up."

She wrapped her arms around my neck, eagerly pressing her lips against mine.

Her kiss was passionate and intense, and it wasn't long before my hips were pressed against hers, her fingers running through my hair.

I wish I could start every morning like this.

But all good things must come to an end.

And this end had my cockblock of a best friend written all over it.

I heard the bedroom door slam open, and I glanced over to see Emmett standing there, his eyebrows folded together and a pensive look on his face.

"What?" I asked, not too kindly.

"Get off my sister."

"Get out of my room."

Emily let out a frustrated sigh, shoving me off of her and giving Emmett a dirty look. "What do you want?"


"Then make it yourself."

"And I'd also like for my sister and my best friend not to have sex while I'm in the same house."

"Fuck you," I commented, letting out a sigh.

"No thanks, you already did it with my sister."

I grabbed the pillow underneath my head, whipping it at his face.

"Give us a few minutes," Emily said, glancing over at him. "And knock next time?"

Emmett just gave her a look before slamming the bedroom door behind him.

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