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She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad Girl |✔️ by Its_Just_A_Heart
She Is My Alpha | Good Boy x Bad Haseena Asan
❝She kills without second thought.❞ • Micajah's PoV: "Ah!" I shout out in pain, unable to hold it in any longer. I clutch my hand to my injured leg and cry ou...
Loving the Nerd ⚣ by IIIXMM
Loving the Nerd ⚣by holly
A story about the popular boy and the nerd. About discovering who you are and accepting it. Achievements: #1 in LGBT #39 in FreeTheLGBT #23 in Teen Fiction #1 in No Mor...
The Posh and the Puckish || zarry by styzaintine
The Posh and the Puckish || zarryby platinum maknae™
It's just for a year, they thought. Nothing can happen in a year, they thought. Harry Styles, 23, recently unemployed, uneducated and unenthusiastic, is in desperate nee...
Finding Life {BoyxBoy} by -sometimes
Finding Life {BoyxBoy}by e n d y ღ
❝a sad boy and an in-between❞ ❝a friend and an awkward body❞ Valentine & Oliver.
jupiter's moons | 1 | ✓ by nosekissed
jupiter's moons | 1 | ✓by raine
he is jupiter and i am nothing but another lonely moon caught in his orbit. [ lowercase intended, unedited ]
the way to mars | 2 | ✓ by nosekissed
the way to mars | 2 | ✓by raine
in which nova and mars find themselves in each others beds, hearts and heads. and maybe even in love.
°  veneficas by AKYNXM
° veneficasby monyka :・゚
❝the first law in the venefican scrolls: never fall in love with a mundanus❞ ↱...
The Dandelion Days by buttercup-skies
The Dandelion Daysby t e g a n - l e a
"but with every high comes a new low, and soon enough he's ten feet under ground; lungs filled with dirt darker than any demon he has ever fought. he's drowning on...
Skeletons by Lena-Presents
Skeletonsby Lena Mano
As a kid, Raphael was a homophobic bully. Now, at age 23, he's grown out of the bully act. His homophobia? Still there, but it doesn't show often―after all, there are no...
MOVED Forged in Fire (Forgotten series, #2) by AMLKoski
MOVED Forged in Fire (Forgotten Anna Koski
MOVED ~~~~ Book two of Forgotten series. ~~~~ Shey Lazera felt she was not destined to have a mate. She had been rejected so many times she almost enjoyed the fire, the...
The Last Vampire  by JEHallows
The Last Vampire by J. E. Hallows
When a massive solar flare changes life on earth forever, the human race is left with nothing but certain death. All food, all water turned to ash, evolution takes an un...
Among the Fallen by thesongist
Among the Fallenby ♥マケナ♡
**Featured in Wattpad's YA, MythandLegend, YASciFantasy, and Adventure Reading Lists** Lucian Roux is a youth burdened with a stained past and a Fallen future. Abused b...
The Founders's Descendants ✧ Harry Potter Universe (1) ✓ by -worldofwords
The Founders's Descendants ✧ inactive?? #BLM
| BOOK ONE |COMPLETED| CURRENTLY BEING EDITED| Alistair Ridware is an ordinary wizard attending his fourth year at Hogwarts...or so he thought. A wizard is far from ord...
pretty boy by roman-holidaye
pretty boyby Liyah
Brooklyn Quinn is a pretty boy. Pretty hair and pretty eyes. Pretty face and pretty body. Pretty laugh and pretty smile. Everyone knows Brooklyn Quinn is a pretty boy. E...
Sweet Talkers by snickerous
Sweet Talkersby ?
Have you ever tried breaking up with someone you weren't even dating?
Altruistic Dreams || original story || ✓ [needs editing] by islandapricots
Altruistic Dreams || original ariel
Kaelan would never have expected this. He's on the brink of losing his job; barely balancing the expectations of a proposal and caring for his deaf-blind son. When a new...
#ProjectManDown by ProjectManDown
#ProjectManDownby #ProjectManDown
All you need to know about #ProjectManDown Cover by @humorously / @humorouslygraphics
The Girl Who Smiled by nutella_fad
The Girl Who Smiledby Soha 🌱 सोहा
[ ON HOLD ] Gina is determined to let her body know, that she loves it in all its glory.
#ReverseTheRoleContest by ProjectWomanUp
#ReverseTheRoleContestby #ProjectWomanUp
Everything you need to know about the #ReverseTheRole Contest hosted by @ProjectWomanUp and @ProjectManDown
The Failure by _CutieChick_
The Failureby Ruaridh
Yousef Khalid could be a lot of things. He could be charming. He could be intelligent. He could be the nicest young man one would come across. And people love him for t...