McKenna's POV - Chap. 57

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McKenna's POV

"I don't really understand this," Olivia informed me, her chin resting on my shoulder as I focused my camera.

"It's a piece for the local fair," I informed her, standing up to reset one of the lights. "My perspective on mental illness."

"Alright, we're set," I informed my volunteer model.

Her name was Ashley, and she was from Florida State University. She'd been one of the ones to answer my ad, and I thought she'd fit well with my photography project.

"What happens if I suffocate?" Ashley questioned.

"Then we'll need another model," Olivia informed her.

"Liv," I snapped, and Ashley just rolled her eyes.

"The lighting still isn't right, so just hold off anyways," I muttered, standing back up to readjust.

"So what does your boyfriend think of this whole project?" Olivia asked me, and I shot her a glance over my shoulder.

"You guys are still together, right?"

Things between Lee and me were currently a little rocky. After our last fight, it had been a mix of awkward hand holding and fleeting glances.

We hadn't properly talked about it. Lee was the type of person that liked to gloss over things, liked things to settle for themselves. I was the type of person that liked to talk things out, rationalize the situation.

And that was our biggest problem right now.

"You have a boyfriend?" Ashley asked me, her eyes lighting up. "Well come on, let's gossip a bit while you have me wrapped up here in Saran wrap. What's he like?"

"He's obnoxious and I don't want to talk about him."

"I'm sensing trouble in paradise," Ashley sang, glancing over at Olivia.

"You have no idea," Olivia informed her. "Speaking of your boyfriend, does he know about this project that you're doing?"

"Not yet," I said, kneeling back down to glance through my camera lens. "But I wanted his opinion on it."

"You'd have to talk to him first."

I cast her a glare, to which Olivia just chuckled.

"Sounds like you guys hit a bit of a rough patch," Ashley observed.

"To say the least," I muttered. "Okay, I think I got it now."

"Here's a piece of advice from the older yet not so wiser," Ashley stated. "I've slept with quite a few of my fair share of guys, and if it doesn't feel right in your gut, then it isn't right. If you don't imagine yourself waking up in the morning next to him, if he's not not the first person you want to run to when life is going awry, if he's not only your significant other but your best friend, then it's just not meant to be."

I stared at her for a few moments, letting her words slowly sink in.

"Let's do this thing."

And she reached up, wrapping the Saran wrap around her mouth.

And she reached up, wrapping the Saran wrap around her mouth

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