Chap. 22

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"Are you going to be okay?" Emmett asked, parking out in front of Jefferson Lake.

I took a long sip of my Starbucks Vanilla Mocha. "I'll survive."

"It's just a girl."

Emmett was no use when it came to girl advice.


We stepped out of the car and Emmett signed me back into Jefferson Lake's custody.

"Make sure you eat dinner. Call Parker. Don't get me into anymore trouble."

I saluted him.

He chuckled. "I don't know if I'll see you over Thanksgiving, but if not then I'll see you in December."

That seemed so far away.


"Yeah, when we go up to the cabin? In North Carolina?"

Oh yeah, that's right.

"I have a tournament the weekend you guys are driving up, but I'll come up a couple days later."

I just raised an eyebrow at him.

"Don't give me that look. You know nothing, remember?"

"I don't remember anything."

He chuckled. "Good."

And then I went around the desk, shaking my head. "See you in December then."

He waved before leaving the front office.

I headed down to the cafeteria, a text from Warren to confirm that he was there.

I hoped that he was the only one there.

I grabbed myself a grilled cheese and a Diet Coke before making my way over to our usual table.

Warren was there with Justin and Kara. And McKenna.

I knew I'd have to face this. But I still wasn't ready.

McKenna's eyes glanced over at me and then they averted down to her tray, which suddenly seemed more interesting than anything else in this room.

"Our party boy is back!" Warren said, laughing as I reached the table.

I didn't know where to sit.

I'd sat in the same seat since the beginning of the semester, but that seat was now next to McKenna.

Would it be awkward if I sat next to her?

But if I didn't next to her, would it be even more awkward?

McKenna was still staring at her lunch tray as I took my usual seat, next to her.

"Party boy?" I asked Warren, cracking open my Diet Coke.

"What did you and Emmett do last night?"

I looked at McKenna out of the corner of my eye, who was sipping on her water, sharing a look with Kara.

"We just hung out."

"That doesn't sound like Emmett," Warren declined. "I need details."

"We went to a party."

McKenna's eyes snapped over to me.

"That sounds like my boy," Warren said, with a laugh. "College party?"

"Of course, it's Emmett."

"I didn't think you were the party-type," McKenna muttered, more to herself than to me.

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