Chap. 11

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I could hear my phone buzzing across the room.

I'd successfully ignored it for the past 30 minutes as I really tried to divulge myself into my make-up History work.

I was practically drowning in make-up work from the school that I'd missed this week.

I tapped my pencil on the edge of my desk as I tried to pick out what was important from this section for my American History outline.

But as my phone buzzed again, it was pretty much hopeless.

I abandoned my schoolwork and dove onto my futon, where was phone was resting on the opposite edge.

I'd put it out of my reach for this very reason.

I had two texts from Parker, a text from Emily, a text from McKenna, and two texts from Warren.

I'd never been this popular in my entire life.

I opened Parker's texts first.

You were due for your 2:00 meds at 2:00.

I checked the time. It was well past 3.

My bad.

Concussion tests came back positive.

I already knew they would.

I flipped to Emily's text.

Your brother is officially concussed.

Apparently there was a lack of communication here.

I went over to McKenna's text.

I know you're catching up on schoolwork. A bunch of us are down at Java Chip if you want to study with us.

That was over an hour ago. My bad.

And then the texts from Warren.

You coming down to Java Chip?

Can you send me the notes from Polymer's lecture last week? Can't find mine.

I quickly texted Parker back, congratulating him on the concussion, before letting McKenna know that I'd just gotten her text and then confirming with Warren that I'd send him the notes.

Now that I was officially distracted, I could really go for a Vanilla Mocha.

I forget Java Chip's equivalent, but they must have something similar.

I tucked my wallet and phone into my pocket before leaving my dorm.

And then I remembered that I needed my dorm key as well.

I looped back around, tucking my dorm key into my back pocket, before heading down to Java Chip.

I immediately spotted McKenna when I stepped inside. She was curled up in the corner, her headphones on and her laptop open in front of her.

I guess everyone else left.

"Can I help you?" the guy behind the counter asked me.

Not really.

I scanned their menu, searching for something to satisfy my Starbucks craving.

"White Bean Coffee please?" I asked.

It was the only thing on the menu that looked remotely close to what I wanted.

"Medium," I added.

Or grande as we say in the real coffee world.

"Is there a name for the order?" the guy asked me.

No, I usually like to walk around nameless. Sometimes I pick up other people's names to borrow, but most of the time it's just me.

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