Chap. 26

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*trigger warning*

The first view was of my mom in a hospital bed. Déjà vu.

"The red dot is on," my dad called. "Recording?"

"Recording," my mom confirmed from the hospital bed, where she was holding me.

Parker was sitting on the edge, watching as he swung his legs back and forth.

"You were such an interesting child," I said, looking back at Parker.

"Yeah, look who's talking."

Emily slapped him upside the head.

I smirked at him before looking back at the tape.

"Parker come say hi to your brother," mom was saying.

Parker crawled over to mom, staring at me.

"Say hi," mom cooed to me. "This is your big brother."

Parker stayed on all fours as he stared at me, an expression of confusion on his face.

"Did you get a close-up of his little face?" mom asked dad.

Dad brought the camera up to my newborn face.

"Welcome to the world Lee Michael Adams," mom cooed. "Welcome to the family."

"I don't like him," Parker stated.

I busted out into laughter, and I could hear Parker laughing as well.

"You will," mom promised. "He's your little brother. You have to show him the important things in life."


Parker continued to laugh behind me. "I love me even more right now."

"I don't think that's possible," Emily muttered.

I could hear my dad laughing behind the camera.

"He'll like him later, right?" mom asked, looking over at my dad.

"We'll figure it out," dad's voice said. "Enough video of Lee for you?"

Mom nodded, bending down to kiss my forehead.

I could feel my heart clenching as I watched her, the way she also reached over to kiss Parker's forehead as my dad muttered to himself, trying to figure out how to turn off the camera.

I had the same baby footage as Parker. The same baby carrier footage and rolling over and just lying on a baby mat, staring at the camera with wide eyes, which my mom felt the need to film.

"I don't think the red dot is on," my dad's voice said.

"Then it's not recording," mom said, looking up from the book she was currently holding.

I was sitting in her lap, staring at the book she was holding.

"Oh wait, yes it is," dad confirmed. "It's recording."

"Okay Lee, what does a snake say?" mom asked me, pointing to the book.

"Hisssssss," I said, wiggling around in her lap.

She flipped to the next page in the book. "And what does a duck say?"

"QUACK!" I shouted.

My mom and dad both busted out into laughter.

"Good job," she said, as she turned to the next page. "Oh, I don't know what that says."

"What animal is it?" dad asked.

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