Chap. 59

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"Damn tie," I muttered, ripping it apart and setting to redo it.

I hated ties. I felt as though I was being choked by them.

I knotted the tie and tightened it, letting out a choked cough as I fixed my collar over it

If I survived this mock trial without ripping this thing off of my neck, that would be a miracle in itself.

My phone buzzed on my desk, and I glanced over to see that it was a text from Parker.

My phone buzzed on my desk, and I glanced over to see that it was a text from Parker

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I headed downstairs, waving at Dylan.

"Going somewhere special?" he asked, with a knowing smile.

Yeah, fake-court.

But I just smiled back, before heading out towards the main office.

I still needed to take my Xanax, saving it until the last minute.

I crossed through the front office, accepting a peppermint patty from Ms. Betty before stepping inside the nurse's office.

"Back for your Xanax?" Nurse Addie questioned.

I nodded, accepting a Dixie cup from her as she took down my medicine, handing it to me.

There was only one pill left in this morning's slot, because I'd already been by this morning to take the rest. I tipped back the Xanax, washing it down with some water.

Hopefully that helped to calm my nerves throughout the mock trial.

"Good luck today Lee," Nurse Addie said, with a supportive smile.


I stepped out of the nurse's office as Parker walked into the front office.

Perfect timing.

He signed me out, and I followed him out to the Audi.

There was a Venti Vanilla Mocha waiting for me in the cup holder.

"You got me a Venti?" I asked, glancing over at his Grande.

"I can be nice when I want to be."

I chuckled at that, tipping back my coffee. "You're watching your caffeine intake right?"

He nodded, pulling out of Jefferson Lake. "If I wasn't then I'd have Wyatt, Emmett, and Emily on my ass anyways. So don't worry about that."

"I'll still worry."

He flashed me a small smile, and I could see the tired lines creased on his face, the purple bags under his eyes. "I'm fine Lee. I told you, it was a one-time thing."

"I've been around you long enough to call you out on that bullshit."

He let out a frustrated sigh, reaching over and turning up the radio.

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