Author's Note

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to address some questions and concerns before continuing on with the story. So no, this isn't an update. Sorry to disappoint.

1) Lots of you guys have been asking me if you have to go back and reread the story now that it's been reposted. No. The story is still exactly the same. You don't have to reread anything.

2) The next chapter will probably the the most intense chapter of the book. There will, of course, be a trigger warning on it. But you guys have a tendency to overlook them, which has a tendency to give me anxiety. I obviously can't stop you from reading anything, but please take my warning seriously. I posted an entire Author's Note just to talk about it. Think of it like everything has been building up to this moment. This is the climax of Lee's depression. This is the climax of everything that's taken place so far on this trip, all of the emotions that Lee has suppressed. All of the secrets that he's kept. Everything. I just can't express that enough. So please take the warning seriously. It's personally the darkest chapter I've ever written as an author, and I've contemplated for 2 weeks now whether or not I was going to actually post it. But I feel like it's essential to Lee's character, a necessary evil.

So with all of that being said, if you do decide to skip the next chapter, there will be a recap on the following chapter of what you missed. It won't include the details, just a general recap so you don't miss anything important.

Thanks for reading my super important Author's Note. If you made it all the way to the end, you now have the privilege of knowing that the update will be tomorrow (Thursday). So you're welcome. There's a little bit of good that comes out of the Author's Notes that you guys hate so much.

Love you guys!

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