Chap. 9

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"Thanks for the help man," Daniel Roberts said, as the two of us stood in front of the library, under the overhang.

It was pouring buckets outside.

It was so bad that I couldn't see the students out on the sidewalk less than 100 yards in front of me.

"Sure thing," I agreed, as I flipped the hood from my hoodie up onto my head. "Anytime you need any help just shoot me a text."

Daniel nodded before jogging out into the monsoon rampaging out in front us.

Fuck my life.

I let out a sigh, tightening the strings on my hood before I took off running back towards my dorm room.

When I was younger, my mom told me that when it was pouring rain it was because the angels up in Heaven. Not that they're crying for us or because of something upsetting, because they're fucking angels and they don't cry because they're sad. But because the angels were washing away our sins, which is why it practically rains daily here in Florida. We're a very sinful state.

At that point my dad would always cut in to contradict my mom, stating that it was just God taking his daily pee.

The two of them would argue, but in the cutest most loving way possible, laughing and kissing the entire time.

My parents were two of the most lovey-dovey people that ever walked the planet.

As I neared my dorm building, I noticed McKenna walking through the rain with a polka dot umbrella and rain boots, Lucy underneath as well.

There was probably room for three.

"Good morning," I chirped, joining McKenna and Lucy.

"Good morning," McKenna answered, with a smile.

"Thanks for walking me to my dorm," Lucy said to McKenna, coming to a stop in front of one of the girl's dorm buildings.

"No problem," McKenna said. "Do you still want to get lunch later?"

She nodded in agreement. "I'll text you when?"

The two girls hugged and then Lucy headed inside.

There they go with that hugging thing again. It's so much simpler being a guy. All it took was a wave or a simple nod as we parted ways.

"Can I walk you to your dorm?" McKenna asked, offering me part of her umbrella.

"I would appreciate that."

She laughed. "Where's your umbrella?"

"I don't have one."

"You live in Florida," she pointed out. "You have to have an umbrella."

"I've lived in Florida my entire life," I informed her. "And I've never owned an umbrella."

"So what do you do when it rains?"

"Run really fast."

She laughed, shaking her head. "You're ridiculous."

We came to a stop outside of my dorm building.

"Want to come up?" I asked. "It could take you off of chauffer-duty for a while."

She looked around. "Well I don't see any students in distress, so I guess it couldn't hurt."

I opened the door for her, following her inside the building.

She headed for the elevator while I headed for the stairs.

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