McKenna's POV - Chap. 20

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McKenna's POV (Chap. 20)

"Hey McKenna?" Tracey called.

I could just tell by her tone of voice.

"Yeah?" I asked, swivelling around in my desk chair to face her.

She offered me an ear-to-ear smile.

Lee didn't know how lucky he had it in his single dorm.

"Oliver is on his way over," she informed me.

Oliver, her boyfriend of exactly two weeks. And they'd spent the last two weeks attached at the hip. Well, more like attached at the lip.

"Say no more," I said, swiveling back around in my desk chair. I saved the edits to my current photo with a sigh.

It was from the state park that Lee and I had gone to a few weeks ago. But I was just now getting around to editing the pictures.

And they were absolutely breathtaking. And now they'd have to wait, yet again, another day.

I closed my laptop, grabbing my dorm room key and my cell phone before leaving the dorm.

Oliver was stepping out of the elevators as I was waiting to step into them.

"Oh, hey McKenna," he said, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.

"Afternoon," I said, with a slight wave, before stepping into the elevators.

I didn't know him too well, not that i really knew anybody at this school. Everybody I knew came from Lee's circle of friends. But Oliver was also a grade above us, a Senior.

I leaned against the side of the elevator as it took me down to the bottom floor.

I hadn't really planned on leaving my dorm room today, apparent by my yoga pants and messy bun. I could go over to Caroline and Stephanie's dorm, but Caroline mentioned having a shift over at Java Chip.

And I didn't really want to face people looking like I'd just rolled out of bed.

I knew that Lee was leaving for Jacksonville today, but I wasn't sure the time. But a trip over to the boys' dorms was worth a shot.

"Hey!" a guy called across the sidewalk, as I neared the boys' dorms. "That's a nice ass you got there."

Is that really what guys think girls want to hear? Am I supposed to swoon at his feet now that he shouted something vulgar and disgusting at me?

So I just simply ignored him, stepping inside the boys' dorms.

The boy behind the front desk inside the lobby waved at me, offering me a smile. "Good afternoon."

I signed the sign-in sheet. "Is Lee still here?"

"I haven't seen him leave."

I checked my phone to remind myself of Lee's dorm room number before writing it down on the sheet. "Thanks."

He saluted me as I headed over to the elevators.

I leaned against the wall, waiting more than 3 minutes for the elevator to arrive.

What could the boys possibly be doing?

I gave up, opening the door that lead to the stairs and climbing up the three flights that lead to Lee's floor.

I stopped as I reached his floor to catch my breath, leaning against the door that lead to the hallway floor. If you weren't winded after climbing three flights of stairs, I applaud you.

I thought about knocking when I reached Lee's dorm, but what could he really be doing inside that would require that?

Knowing Lee he was probably doing homework or watching that show he was addicted to on Netflix. The sequel to Better Call Saul.

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