Chap. 51

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I continued ripping my toast in pieces, the conversation at the table ensuing around me.

McKenna nudged me with her elbow, and I glanced over at her, my eyebrows raised.

"Are you going to enter?" she asked me.

"Enter what?"

She glanced down at my breakfast plate before glancing back up at me. "The art contest Lee, what we've been talking about all morning."

I shrugged. "Not interested."

She didn't say anything else, and I cracked open my orange juice, taking a few sips before I absentmindedly resumed ripping my toast into pieces.

They continued to converse around me, but I couldn't bring myself to pay attention, let alone join them.

"Are you going to continue to mutilate your toast, or are you going to actually eat it?" Kara asked me.

I glanced down at the untouched breakfast on my plate.

"I don't really see how that's any of your business," I stated, my eyes snapping up to meet hers.

Kara rolled her eyes, reaching over and plucking a blueberry off of Justin's tray. "No need to get pissy with me, it was just a question. I was just rallying in support to save the toast."

"Fuck off."

McKenna's hand rested on my thigh underneath the table, and she squeezed my knee, shooting me a questioning look.

A why the hell are you acting like such a dick look.

The answer is simple.

I don't fucking know.

I took another long sip of my orange juice, glancing towards of the cafeteria again.

Maybe I was planning my escape route or something.

"I can't deal with you and your bipolar ass this morning," Kara informed me, with a long sigh.

My eyes immediately snapped back over to hers, and I felt a tightness spread across my chest.

"Babe," Justin said, raising his eyebrows at her. "We talked about this."


"Bipolar isn't an adjective, remember?"

"Bipolar isn't an adjective, remember?"

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Kara let out a frustrated sigh. "Shit." She drummed her fingers on the table before glancing back over me. "Lee, I can't deal with you and your hormonal ass this morning." She glanced back over at Justin, raising her eyebrows and waiting for his approval.

"We'll keep working on it."

And then I felt something inside of me snap.

It was probably a long time coming.

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