Parker's POV - Chap. 31

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Parker's POV (Chapter 31)

I glanced over at Lee, who was bouncing on his heels as we stood outside Emily's apartment door, his arms folded across his chest.

"Emmett's not here," I informed him, before knocking on the door. "I'm going to kiss the shit out of her though, just so you're not uncomfortable."

Lee met my gaze, his lips pressed into a thin line. "I'll get over it."

Such a Lee answer.

"But don't you have a key?"

I could feel it in my back pocket, just in case she didn't answer the door. Which would suck, because it would ruin my plan.

"It's better this way."

I glanced back towards the door, willing it to open and for my girlfriend to be standing there. My beautiful, healthy girlfriend.

Not the one that Emmett had described to me on Thursday.

And then the doorknob jiggled, and the door flew open to reveal Emily.

She looked confused. Not many people swing by the apartment unannounced, and if they do they usually have a key.

But more than confused, she didn't look like herself. She was wearing sweatpants and a loose t-shirt, her hair tied back in a messy bun. That was honestly my favorite look on her, relaxed and down-to-earth.

Though I couldn't deny that I loved it when she was all dolled up, staring at me with those innocent eyes as she flexed her calves in her stilettos.

Who am I kidding? I love Emily Winston regardless of what she's wearing. Or not wearing.

But the Emily standing before me had much sharper cheekbones than I was accustomed to, her bright eyes dulled.

"What are you doing here?" Emily asked me, her voice soft.


I smiled at her, offering up the flowers I'd picked up on the way in. A batch of sunflowers. "I couldn't miss an opportunity to surprise my favorite girl."

"Are these for me?"

No. They're for Emmett.

"Of course," I said, biting back my laugh. I reached out and wrapped my arms around her neck, pressing my lips to hers.

She immediately responded, pressing her body to mine.

I moved my arms down around her waist, lifting her up off the ground.

I could feel her hip bones pressed into my abdomen through her thin t-shirt, but I tried to ignore it as her lips moved against mine.

But I couldn't really.

All I could think about was how much she was suffering. And how oblivious I'd been.

"Well hello then," Emily said, as I placed her back down on the floor.

I managed to muster back up my smile, knowing that I needed to be strong for her.

One of us needed to stay strong.

"I just missed you," I informed her, reaching out and wrapping my arm around her waist.

I could feel her hips protruding into my forearm as I led her into the apartment, checking over my shoulder to make sure Lee was behind us.

"Do you have a vase for these poor flowers?" I asked Emily, keeping my voice even.

"Probably," she said, disentangling herself from me to head into the kitchen.

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